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Sophie Holman/Sailor Aries

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Sophie Holman/Sailor Aries

Post by Sophie Holman on Thu Jan 09, 2014 2:18 pm

Name Sophie Holman
Age 16
Gender Female
Birthdate: 20/04/1997
Birthplace/Planet Earth
Family Members None (Both parents deceased when she was young)
Alignment Constellation Senshi
Pets/Guardians None
Goals To become a famous singer.
Motto Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about.
School Tengoku-Teki


Sophie has shoulder length dirty-blonde hair which she usually ties up in a ponytail and has a long side fringe down the right side of her face. She is very pale, which almost makes her look sick but she isn’t. She has hazel coloured eyes and a small scar on the left side of her neck.
She is quite thin but strong and is quite small for her age standing at around 5”3.

Sophie usually wears clothes that represent her personality like baggy jeans and t-shirts with hoodies and sports wear. She also wears a lot of jewellery like golden chains and rings as well as lots of bracelets and bands up her right arm and wears a white watch on her left wrist. She wears a multi-coloured fake stretcher in her left ear and two silver studs on the top of that ear.


Sophie seems very tough and strong in personality. She is very argumentative and will always get her way. She seems very tomboyish and doesn’t tend to do or think like a girl. She likes to cause trouble in the classroom and school and doesn’t tend to pay much attention in class. She also tends to fail a lot of her classes, excluding music, drama and P.E. She is very sporty and likes to play football and is a very fast runner. She loves acting, singing and dancing and is very talented in all three. She loves performing for people and is very confident.

However, deep inside, Sophie hides her true personality. To her friends she can be really kind and friendly to and will always listen and give advice to anybody in need if they come to her. She is really good at giving advice, but people don’t often realise that. She can be very warm and affectionate deep down. She will be friends with anybody, no matter their background or personality, she loves all people, as long as they don’t try to annoy or hurt her in any way. Her mind is often troubled and she can get very emotional at times but doesn’t show anybody this side as she wants to seem like the tomboy she really is.

She is a very quick runner.
She is a very talented singer and dancer.
She is a good fighter.
Isn’t afraid of many things or saying what she thinks.
Very street smart.

She isn’t very well educated.
She can be aggressive and sharp at times.
She isn’t much like a normal girl.
Doesn’t tend to pay a lot of attention in class.




Sophie grew up on the streets in England with barely any money. Her parents passed away after a road accident when she was little and therefore, Sophie has had to find her own money and way through life. She was always looking for ways to find money.

When she was about 8 year old, Sophie was singing in the street, to try and find comfort. A man and his wife walked by and complimented her singing, saying she was very talented. They gave her some money and she soon started performing songs that she had written, in the streets. She gained a lot of money by doing that so then started taking dancing lessons. Soon she was singing and dancing in the streets and earning more than she ever imagined she would.

She never really went to school as she had to earn her living and therefore isn’t very well educated.

Sophie always knew she wasn’t quite a normal human being though, after she accidently caused a tornado to storm through her hometown, destroying everything in it’s wake. She has always been terrified of her powers and never told anybody.

Magical Information
Senshi/Knight/Hero/Villain Alias Sailor Aries
Senshi/Knight/Hero/Villain History
Sailor Aries was one of the last Constellation Senshi to be killed in the battle against Chaos as she fought alongside her fellow Constellation Senshi. She was reborn when the Moon Kingdom needed her power to fight again.
Henshin Item A small golden pendant with a dark sapphire gem in the middle which is always around her neck on a golden chain.
Henshin Phrase Aries Constellation Power Make-Up!
Weaponry Sailor Aries holds a small knife which she uses to attack the enemy with. It has a silver blade and the handle is golden with various dark sapphires and sky gems.

Sophie’s fuku skirt and sailor collar are black with white, gold, blue and sea green additions. Her gloves are white and tipped with black and are elbow length. She has knee high black boots which tip with white. She has a sea blue front bow and a sea blue but slightly transparent back bow. Her fuku is adorned with golden gems and the golden gem in the middle of her front bow contains a black symbol of the Moon.


Power Strike – Sophie puts a bolt of power into her knife which becomes a lot more powerful than when it is used on its own.

Tempest Hurricane – Sophie uses the elements to put together a freezing cold water and wind combination which form to make a dangerous hurricane.

Tornado Sweep – Sophie gathers up the wind in the air and blasts it in a spiralling motion towards the enemy to knock them down.

Aries Storm Blast – Sophie calls on the power of Aries to pull together all the elements of a storm and forces the energy towards the enemy. This attack is very powerful but Sophie is left faint and weak after using it.

Player: Sophie or call me Soph
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Sophie Holman

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Re: Sophie Holman/Sailor Aries

Post by Aki Hoshikita on Thu Jan 09, 2014 5:31 pm


Looks good! Feel free to throw her into our plot thread [located in the Tengoku-Teki forum] and make a few of your own threads if you'd like!
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