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Runa Nalid // Sailor Zirath

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Runa Nalid // Sailor Zirath

Post by Runa Nalid on Sun Aug 11, 2013 10:21 pm

Name Nalid, Runa Karmasi (The Nights Flower Chasing the Secrets of Fate)
Age Appears 26
Gender Female
Birthdate: January 19
Birthplace/Planet Zirath, in the Rosette Nebula
Family Members
Mother: Queen Essendra (Deceased)
Father: King Zyanx (Deceased)
Daughter: Princess Xaria, for Earth reference; Eternity Nalid.
Guardians:Shiva- the ball jointed doll with Essence of Xirania (a rare flower at the bottom of the ocean floor on Zirath) inside.
Eshea- The Guardian cat; She tends to stay home with the princess.
Siblings: Many, but almost all are deceased.
Alignment Neutral, Solo Senshi
Pets A cat- Runa’s guardian, Eshea, whom followed her to Earth, she tends to stay next to the Princess not leaving her side. She dislikes the so called doll that her Queen has been carrying around, but she will not say much about it other than she is staying by the princess.

Her fur holds a black tint, with a white tummy tips on her ears and toes. Her eye’s holding a deep ocean green full of curiosity, she also holds a larger form long and slender almost panther like with large wings. She does not tend to take this form on Earth as it takes to much energy.
Right now to cure her child of the curse she has been under.
Motto“You are forever in Darkness”
“You cannot hide from your secrets”

Runa stands around 5’2, being slender with an hourglass shape. Her structure is medium built with a narrow face. Her lips being semi plump, long black eyelashes framing her spicy pink rimmed eyes with a solid cloud pink center, holding no pupil. She tends to wear a lot of dark framed sunglasses for this reason. Her nails being neat cut and usually in simple French manicure along with her feet. Her skin holds a pale peach complexion sporting a feathered wing tattoo across her shoulders.

Her hair holds a medium slate blue hue, reaching just past her knees in long curls. Her bangs frame her face in two long loosely curled strands, with two more stands being shorter just loosely on her forehead. At the base of her neck her hair is looped to the sides of her head, being held in place by a simple pearl clip, on both sides. On the top of her head sports these same loops latched down by the same clips. She doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, except for her navel ring, earrings that go four up her ears with a cartilage piercing on her left ear. Along with a simple ring, that holds a blood garnet lined with small sapphires.

Runa holds steady being a fairly quiet person, but she does have a stern sense about her. She is serious in her mission and that is really all she wants to focus on. She has forgotten how to have fun or at least that is what she tells people when they say she needs to loosen up. She is fairly stiff and strict on how she wants things to run. Her owning the doll shop keeps her busy enough while working in between caring for her ailing daughter and collecting energy essence for a cure.

Runa is fiery when mad, she doesn’t tend to physically fight but mentally, she does like arguing, but she calls it more of a debate. When she strongly agrees to something she really doesn’t care what you think is the right answer, you could talk till your blue and she wouldn’t care. She does get mad fairly easily not letting most things slide of her shoulders. When she isn’t mad she is fairly calm and collected. The one thing that does make her happy is the outdoors or the water, so she visits the beach often, after a fight that is where she normally can be found or in the woods in the country.

Her sharp tongue tends to be blunt and curious, holding on to the wisdom she endures everywhere, she likes to learn new things and likes to think out of the box and hold onto the courage she has left. Her happiness lies with her daughter all cased in crystal, any mention or talk of her daughter or children she turns hard, cold, dark, and overall shuts down.

Can work on limited sleep

Her family
Complete Darkness

Painting her BJD’s
Jewelry making

None; all in Senshi History

Magical Information
Senshi Alias Sailor Zirath
Senshi HistoryZirath’s parents had places Zirath’s egg in the large birthing room along with the other eggs, centered almost in the darkness as the room was round and very warm but cool all at the same time. Each egg held a brother or sister and each egg looked completely different than the others. On the 14 month mark of each egg the priestess of the kingdom came to bless the eggs which would be hatched soon. When it came for Zirath’s time, the priestess was threatened by the egg; she felt an unusual aura around it, for the egg had been tainted earlier in the year, when it was laid. On the early morning of the 14 month, Zirath’s egg was stolen, why hers? Because it seemed to be the only one that didn’t rot when the dark one touched it, the King and Queen didn’t find out until they went in to check on the eggs and everything was trashed and ruined.

Zirath was hatched in a very dark cold cave, where the dark one dwelled for the time being, Zirath grew up not knowing much of the Kingdom she was kept secluded, but one day on her fifth birthday the priestess that was to bless her egg came across her while she was on a stroll in the coral reefs. Going back to the King and Queen with this news, they were delighted and sent out an army of troops to go fetch the long lost princess. At first she feared for her life attacking the troops, but they soon subdued her and she woke in the kingdom in a bedroom made just for her.

She soon grew up learning what happened before she was born, growing into royalty, the beginning of her life still weighed heavy on her. There was this darkness that still lingered around her. She swore she would never let her future child be kidnapped like she was or make them stuck in a large room all alone. As she grew many suitors came and left she was not easily bribed, her father had passed a few months after her 16 birthday then her mother being heartbroken. With this turn of events Zirath took the throne alone, keeping the kingdom in peace for the time, even though the darkness lingered and grew more and more. She did bare a child a few years into the new kingdom; everyone figured it was the work of the dark one, since their new queen and no lover.

Zirath had a single daughter when the egg was hatched, she kept her close the entire time and kept the priestess to bless the future children, and this was the only thing she liked of her parents ruling. As her daughter grew they were both happy, until another eventful day where the darkness set in. Zirath’s daughter was stolen, which made Zirath rage, the darkness consuming her own body, attacking everything in sight. The kingdom laid in ruins as Zirath held onto her daughter, she was in a coma. The dark one that once came before told Zirath she knew of a way to protect her daughter and bring her from the coma. It lay within Earth.

Zirath set out to Earth with her daughter, Echea, and the doll Shiva; her main priestess had given her to protect them, giving her strict rules to not leave her anywhere. So Zirath set up a small cabin within the country nice and secluded area, opening a small ball jointed doll shop within the city, she has set to scout out the area. Learning where and when to attack, the random people with powers and the new villain in town, which makes Zirath nervous.

Henshin ItemA small navel ring, holding a gardenia rose looking flower charm at the bottom, with five small chains hanging from it. The outer chains reaching up to the small silver ball at the top, the three inner chains hanging down with charms of their own, the right holding her weapon, which does grow in size when she needs it, the middle one holding a look alike of her senshi crystal, a silver blue pearl incased in a clear quartz, rose. The left chain a key, the blade being slender with star, moon, and rain drop like teeth, the handle of the key is her senshi symbol in silver.
Henshin Phrase“Zirath Cloudiness Power, Make-Up”
Weaponry Her weapon is a staff baton, with blade like fans at the end. Her fans can be detached and the staff turns into chains hanging from the fans. Her fans are pure platinum with a black base; the staff part is also platinum but colored in a black swan color. Each blade is swirled with crimson gardenia roses and twills.
OutfitZirath holds a black sailor collar, lined with a black pearl color underneath. Her choker is silver and falls from her middle of her neck to her collar bone spreading out just slightly, around to over her shoulders and most of her neck. In the middle is a garnet gem placed in the center. Her earrings are keys topped with garnets and chains reaching to cuff the cartilage of her ears. The other three holes are filled with diamond studs, silver blue, crimson, and black in that order. Her tiara is a thin black ribbon around her head with a small silver blue diamond shaped gem hanging on the middle of her forehead. On the side there is a bouquet of gardenia roses, sea shells, and pearls all laced in.

Her top is a bikini styled, which is black, with black pearl rimmed and straps, under her bust is a support belt in the same color, laced in the middle with a cream colored ribbon. Her arms are covered in fish net gloves that reach to her middle finger being held there with a silver ring, the hems of these are also lined in silver. Her skirt is spilt all the way up and colored in black. Her bikini like bottom is black pearl in color; she also wears a silver thigh band, made of metal with similar swirls like on her fan. Her belt is also silver thick band that is a flat piece of metal, with similar swirls. Her ankles also have a thick bangle on them in silver; her ankles up are covered in fishnets also. Her feet are bare sporting black pearl nail polish.

Her make-up, is light cream blush, with a mix of silver, blue, and cream eye shadow. Her lips holding a crimson colored lip stick, around her face there are silver and blue water like swirls, these flows down her right side of her neck to her right shoulder, down her right arm. From her shoulder it spreads down her right side of her back down to the side of her left leg. Her wings still being sported across her shoulders, she also has a swirl of silver and blue bubbles down her right rib cage to her right leg, down the side of her right leg swirling around it to the back then back around across her ankle to her feet were it fades. Her ears change slightly they become slightly bit longer and fin like at the tips.
“Chaotic Wall” Zirath braces her staff in front of her at an angle, a black cloud forms over her creating a barrier. When the barrier is attacked it will let out small sphere’s of energy in any direction. These sphere’s are un controllable and the wall breaks once, Zirath breaks contact with it or it lets out five spheres.

“Black Magic” Zirath twirls her baton staff in front of her, creating a small vortex like funnel, the vortex starts to pull in things around it, before any real people get pulled in the vortex pops out a very black small crystal. It attaches from the ground, sprouting and growing a bit more. This crystal emits a gravity field ten feet around the area causing pressure, pushing anything down within its range.

“Secret Destroys” Zirath holds her staff out she closes her eyes, power melting down into her staff from her body. The aura growing and getting darker, swarming around the aura growing in size, pulling toward the middle of the staff, the crimson flowers glowing energy going down into the staff, swirling around in the black smoke, the sphere shooting out as Zirath opens her eyes, five medium sized energy balls going toward her enemy.

“Deep Dark Desires” Holding her staff above her head she swoops it from the top right side down to the bottom left side of her body, creating a crescent moon energy beam. Breaking her staff down into the chains and fan, she brings her fans together, holding the right hand slightly higher than the left, fanning gently the crescent moon slowly grows, as she moves the right fan to cover her face the area around her getting dark except for the crescent moon beam. Throwing her fans in the air, the beam shoots toward the sky, as the fans come back down the light beam does also turning crimson in color and hitting the ground like sporadic lightning, the beams feel wet and cold when they touch, but are full of an electric charge.

Zirath is an Aquatic Siren

Player Siren

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Re: Runa Nalid // Sailor Zirath

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I have to savor this moment, for it is simply grand.


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