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Aki Hoshikita // Sailor Lyra

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Aki Hoshikita // Sailor Lyra

Post by Aki Hoshikita on Mon Aug 12, 2013 10:35 pm

Name Aki 'Rho' Hoshikita
Age 16
Gender Female
Birthdate: September 13th
Birthplace/Planet Lyceus
Family Members
Mother- Leto 'Pi' Hoshikita, former Sailor Lyra
Father- Kentaro Hoshikita, Astronomer

Yutaro Hoshikita (Age 9)
Keiichi Hoshikta (Age 9)

Alignment Constellation Senshi
Pets/Guardians A talking pet bird named Quill. He claims he's an eagle, but he looks more like a chubby quail.

-To improve her artistic and musical skills
-To become a famous historian or astronomer like her father
-To make her mother proud as Sailor Lyra

Motto: "Be determined!"
School: Tengoku-Teki


Appearance: Aki stands at 5'4”, with a slightly athletic build from playing volleyball, with a fairly round face. She has a medium complexion, with a few freckles here and there and has amber eyes that are covered by her blue, square-framed glasses. Her crimson hair is about shoulder length, which she does enjoy styling (whether it's tied in a braid or loose and wave) and adding hair accessories such as star clips or little colourful ribbons. Other than a bit of eye-liner, lip gloss, and concealer, the red-head rarely wears make-up.

When not in her school uniform, Aki wears quite casual clothing. She's no fashionista, but she wears what she feels is suitable to her personality. They're never overly bright, but also not overly drab either. Just something that sort of fits her in with the rest of the crowd.


Although not a wild child, Aki is a pretty outgoing young girl who isn't afraid to get dirty, when the going gets tough. She's not a complete tomboy, but also not what one would call a 'girly girl' either. Just somewhere in between, like many girls her age.  She's certainly talkative and although she doesn't like to spread gossip, she certainly likes to hear 'scandalous stories'. Although Aki does try to 'keep the peace', she isn't afraid to argue or talk back when she has a strong opinion about something. When it's time to get serious and defend people she cares about, you can certainly count on her to be there. She's willing to fight for what’s right. She does her best to make people like her with an upbeat and caring personality, though she understand that not everyone enjoys her company.

Even though she may be considered outgoing, there are also times where Aki may be known as being a little neurotic. She doesn't enjoy breaking rules and can be very fickle about certain things. When she gets nervous, she tends to babble on and on about, well... it's hard to say since her sentences don't even make sense.

Aki is certainly no brainiac, but she does her best to maintain at least a B average. She loves to learn, and has a fondness for subjects such as history and geopgrahy, and does share her father's love of the stars as well.
Outside of school, Aki enjoys various sports activities such as volleyball, skiing, and cycling. She also has a soft spot for shojou, soap operas, and video games. In terms of music, she tends to listen to pretty much everything, but her secret guilty pleasure would be boy bands. Sure, they can be over-hyped and just plain ridiculous, but how can she resist boys who dance and sing in sync? That being said, she is still well versed in the knowledge of classical music and 'the arts'.

There are times where she feels the pressure of being like her mother, who was known to be incredibly gifted in both performance and fine arts. At the moment, she's not very good at either of those things. Nor does she have the grace and diplomatic skills that she possesses as well. Really, Aki, has found herself excelling things that are sometimes quite the opposite of her mother. Lately, she has felt that being a princess is a lot of pressure to live up to, but she's not about to give up yet.

-Geography, Gym and History
-Ready to defend

-The Arts
-A bit of a loud mouth
-Gets into other people's business without meaning to
-Slightly clumsy

-Playing her lyre and singing (She's trying!)
Akiko is the daughter of a famous Earthling astronomer, Kentaro Hoshikita, and Leto, the 16th senshi of the Lyra Constellation. Her parents met her mother had come to Crystal Tokyo many years ago on official senshi business. At the same time, she had taken a tour of the Crystal Observatory, where she met Kentaro. At first, the two didn't acknowledge each other, but the more they spoke and spent time together, they eventually fell in love. Kentaro followed Letoback to Lyceus, where they had their first child, Akiko (also known as Rho). The planet celebrated, for it had been centuries since the birth of a new senshi.

However, peace did not last for long. With bureaucracy and dark magic engulfing the planet, the planet plunged into chaos, and despite Leto's senshi powers, she could not deal with the turmoil head on. Instead, she placed the planet under a deep slumber and fled back to Earth when Aki was 4 and kept their identities hidden. The young princess has quickly forgotten about her time on her home planet, and adjusted very quickly to life in Crystal Tokyo. For a very long time, she was unaware of her mother's powers and her own legacy to be the next in line to be the next Sailor Lyra, though there were moments here and there, that her powers would surface. Nothing big, just slight things here and there.

When Aki turned 10, her mother had to leave them to return back to her senshi duties in the Lyra Constellation. Aki was still too young to understand what was really going on, so Leto simply said that she had a promise to uphold and that someday, Akiko would be part of it. She'd just have to wait patiently.

Although it was lonely at times without her mother, Aki still had her father and young brothers to keep her company. Kentaro slowly but surely started to tell his daughter more about her origins and her mother, but there were things he didn't even know about. He only knew that someday her powers would awaken and she would have to take on the role as a senshi. As years passed though, it didn't seem to the case, so she just lived her life as she normally did.

This year, Aki decided to enter the Tengoku-Teki dormitory, as her father had important business to attend to outside of Crystal Tokyo and wanted to continue studying there. A few days before she moved in, a little fluffy bird who could talk appeared from the sky and landed beside her, giving her a peculiar looking bracelet....

Magical Information
Senshi/Knight/Hero/Villain Alias Sailor Lyra
Senshi/Knight/Hero/Villain History
Like the other Sailor Senshi, Lyra was the princess of  her constellation.

Senshi of the Lyra constellation, like many others, are protectors of the Celestial Gate. They prevent outsiders from entering their galaxy and try to maintain peace among the starts. Lyra powers are passed down through a bloodline, from mother to daughter. There fathers are often royals and knights from the planet Lyceus, but that is not always the case. Akiko is the 17th princess to take on the role of Sailor Lyra.

Lyra senshi draw their power from the elements of music and sound and just like any instrument, it take sometime for they can master their techniques and unlock their full potential.

Battling isn't the only thing that a Lyra Senshi is expected to do. During times of peace, they serve as intergalactic diplomats and creators of famous culture works for their planets, such as music, creative writings, and dance. They are expected to be graceful and elegant both inside and outside of battle.

Although Lyra Constellation  was once know to be an artistic paradise, it has fallen into darkness for  over ten years now... it is uncertain when it will return to it's former glory.

Henshin Item A golden bracelet with three charms; a lyre, an eagle, and a star.
Henshin Phrase Lyra Constellation Power, Make-up!
Weaponry A golden lyre
Fuku The main colours of Sailor Lyra's fuku are azure blue, golden yellow, and white.
The dress aspect of Sailor Lyra's fuku resembles that of a white toga that reaches down to about mid-thigh. In the centre of her chest is an azure bow in the shape of feathers. Keeping the bow tied together is a golden lyre brooch. Tied around her waist is a blue sash that dangles to her side. Over that is a loose-fitting golden chain, with three stars around situated in different areas of it. Her foot gear are golden gladiator shoes and she wears white rider gloves on her hands.

On top of her head is a golden tiara, with two little gold feathers on each side, each on one side of her head. Over her eyes is a blue masquerade mask with golden trimmings.


Shattering Volume!- A sound based technique that disorients and confuses the enemy for a few moments, allowing for a chance to attack. In order to perform this technique, Sailor Lyra must  outstretch her arms, rotate them opposite ways and them clap firmly, causing the sound waves to blast from her hands.

Sound Wave Melody!- Another sound based technique in which a ball of bright yellow energy emerges from Sailor Lyra's Lyre and destroys the enemy.  Once the lyre appears in her hand, Sailor Lyra must stretch out her arms once more (lyre in hand), twirl and them strum the instrument.

Lyrid Meteor Crescendo!- Concentrating her energy, Sailor Lyra summons 10 long, golden glowing strings that appear in front of her. Once she strikes them, the strings release energy beams into the sky and then strike down much like a small meteor shower.

More to come later!

Player: Maestro
Chatango TehMasetro

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Re: Aki Hoshikita // Sailor Lyra

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You know the drill also, now hope too it.

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