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Yūgana Suwan // Sailor Pegasi

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Yūgana Suwan // Sailor Pegasi

Post by Yūgana Suwan on Sun Sep 29, 2013 9:09 am


Name  Yūgana “Odette” Suwan (Yūgana Suwan = “Graceful Swan”, Odette = “little wealthy one”)

Odette is used when she is in England or her closest friends in Japan, also holds the nickname of Swan.

Age Seemingly 25.
Gender Female
Birthdate: 22nd October
Birthplace/Planet Essex, England
Family Members Her ‘Aunt’/ Metaphorical Mother - Former Lady Nōburu Suwan
Mother - Diana Glyph (deceased, died when Yūgana was 5) Worked as a Maid for Lady Nōburu till her death.
Father - Unknown
Alignment  Constellation Senshi / Senshi
Pets/Guardians The family cat, a Lilac Point Siamese called Diane, after her birth Mother.
Goals To raise a family, continue the Suwan line and do her Senshi duties.
Motto “Life is like a dance; it can either go completely wrong if you plan it or not, or it will be fine whether planned or improvised....”


Yūgana was blessed with having a dancer’s figure from the very start with long, slender limbs which are muscled enough to support her svelte and yet slightly curvaceous figure whilst retaining a slightly pale complexion which is healthy enough to not look sick. Her white hair reaches down below her waist in gentle waves before ending in slight curls though she often has it in different styles: partially up by tying it up with a silver band at her waist line, plaiting it, or plaiting it and then wrapping it into a bun with pins/ribbon.
Her soft Royal blue eyes hold her warmth and compassion to all but they also sparkle with an essence of mystic and wisdom.

At ‘home’ with Lady Suwan, Yūgana naturally has to wear dresses according to her station as Lady Suwan’s ‘heir’ which are extremely elegant, tailored and of excellent quality whilst slightly showing off her figure for any bachelors to pick up upon with an essence of modesty.

Away from home, Yūgana is often found in her tailored skirts and shirts/dresses which are of fine make and flatter her figure nicely, often in shades of blue, white or silver with simple heels to match. Still having to keep her Noble air about her.

She is often seen wearing one simple gold ring which has a small curving ingot of platinum with a single diamond in the middle, gold horseshoe earrings with a matching gold horseshoe chain which was given to her by Lady Suwan on behalf of her Mother when she turned 16. “Your Mother intended to give this to you when you became a young lady of your own right.... She’d be so proud of you, my little swan.” Were her words so Yūgana wears the chain with pride, and never takes it off.


Yūgana is a mothering type of personality: warm, affectionate, caring and when severely pushed or threatened, she can be quite aggressive to her enemies without necessarily being in a temper. Having a soft and musical voice, she is a calming influence to all so she is one of those types of people who can give advice without sounding pedantic or patronising. She also adores children so will sometimes be found specifically teaching the younger children in the art of Ballet.

Her years of dance and tuition of the Upper Class style of life have taught her to be extremely patient and calm to all who she meets whilst being extremely kind and giving with her time and knowledge.

She isn’t perfect, this she knows all too well with her need to be as perfect, or at least as good, as possible. Something which is always found and raised amongst Ballerinas as each movement is extremely specific. Her judgement is sometimes clouded by her need to protect those she has grown to care for so will often do something that she wouldn’t regularly do if someone is threatened.

She doesn’t make friends easily due to being seen as rather snobbish, but also her slight paranoia that people only want to be her friend because of her wealth that she might one day inherit from Lady Suwan. But break through that outer layer; you have an older friend who is very knowledgeable and extremely loyal to the end.

Maternal & Wise
Light and quick on her feet so is the strongest at evading attacks whilst being able to intermix her dancing.
Speaks five languages: English, Japanese, French, German and Latin. Her most natural languages being Japanese and English.
Creative and graceful
Used to higher standards of living and is able to mingle in most gatherings of social necessity.

Not the strongest physically.
Being bound in any way shape or form, especially her legs.
Her legs, if they become injured or broken.
Not used to the ‘lower classes’ and their social norms but she has improved a lot since she entered High School and met Haruka and Michiru.
Cute guys
Not street smart

Drawing Fashion Designs
Playing the flute/Singing
Riding horses


Although originally born in England, her mother moved to Japan with Yūgana when she was 1 year old due to her Mother working as a maid for Lady Suwan, despite the fact that Lady Suwan was more than willing to stay longer in England but Diana wanted Yūgana to grow up in Japan which is where her Father was from.

Her early years are naturally not easy for Yūgana to recall but she does recall quite a life of luxury with a Nanny and having very nice clothes, but the main turning point of her life happened when she was five years and her Mother died. Lady Suwan took pity on the young girl, who she had grown to care about over the years, and thus raised her as her own and named her as her eventual heir.

One of Yūgana’s stabling parts of her strange lifestyle was her lessons in Ballet which she began the year after her Mother died and soon it became clear that she was meant to be a Ballerina by her natural grace and forms which was honed after many years. Yūgana has performed many times and in many different productions.
In her younger days, Yūgana used to help at her school and other schools as a Ballet teacher’s assistant and also at the local Ballet school as a fashion designer for productions and recitals as a way to earn her own income, despite the wealth of Lady Suwan.

Despite being home schooled most of her life, Yūgana was then sent to Mugen Academy in order to get some idea of how a regular student’s life was like and was able to make some friends. Some of which were three of the Sailor Senshi: Michiru Kaioh and Haruka Tenou which eventually led Yūgana into her first transformation into Sailor Pegasi following a fight.

For some time, Yūgana kept her Senshi identity a secret till she, eventually, was revealed to the other Senshi but was gladly acknowledged and spent the next years fighting alongside them to protect the princess of the Moon. She grew particularly close to Michiru, Haruka and Horato though Usagi also holds a special place in Yūgana’s heart.

Since the rise of Crystal Tokyo, Yūgana’s aging has slowed down dramatically so she still looks around 25 despite being somewhere in her 100’s. She retired from dancing Ballet professionally when she turned 25 however she still teaches it to the ladies in the schools as part of refinement and becoming proper ladies.

And now, Yūgana has been balancing her life working as a Ballet Teacher, a Mentor for Ladies, occasional Diplomat, a Noblewoman (though untitled as of yet, see additional) and a Sailor Senshi.

Magical Information
Senshi/Knight/Hero/Villain Alias Sailor Pegasi
Senshi/Knight/Hero/Villain History
Originally the princess of the Constellation Pegasus, Pegasi was amongst the most graceful of her people before Chaos came and took everything away from her and her people.

Fighting alongside the other Constellation Senshi, Pegasi was amongst the last to be killed due to her trying to evacuate all their people but was promised to be reborn when the Moon Princess and her Court needed her assistance once again.

Now she serves her Queen as one of the Diplomats and teachers for young ladies to truly become Ladies.

Henshin Item A white compact mirror with the Pegasus Constellation on the lid.
Henshin Phrase “Pegasus Constellation Power..... Make Up.”
Weaponry Her Tiara which acts somewhat like a Chakram.

Fuku Yūgana’s tiara is a small golden crown which sits elegantly around her head, in the middle is a white crystal which she sometimes uses as a weapon.
Her dominant colour is white and her accent colour is periwinkle blue.

Her choker is a silver ribbon with a golden horseshoe on it, following the old mythology of Pegasus having golden hooves. The collar is white in colour and lined with two periwinkle coloured feather motifs that curls around to the front like wings.

The bodice forms a white dress, with white see-through wing-like sleeves which sparkle silver slightly in the right light. Around her waist is a silver ribbon starting from her sides of her waist and tying behind in a large bow. Her front and back bow is silver in colour with periwinkle edges and the back bow is slightly longer in the tails than many of the Senshi and is a little bit billowy. The tails function a little bit in a couple of her attacks.

Her gloves are just above elbow length and white with periwinkle arrows surrounding her wrists, whilst the ends of her gloves are simple silver bands. Her shoes are white heels with silver bands that start at a point in the middle then curl back around her ankles to her heel. Her earrings are golden horseshoes, along with periwinkle and silver eye shadow, silvery white lipstick, and blush.

Equine Telepathy – Not so much an attack as an ability of hers, Yūgana can communicate with horses and understand them though she mostly uses this ability with her mind rather than out loud, makes it less awkward for her companions and people who don’t know.

Pegasus Horseshoe Tiara Shot – Yūgana delicately takes off her tiara from her head before she twirls it around her finger, building up speed and it starts to glow yellow with a silvery white band. When released, her Tiara spins off of her finger and at her enemies before returning.

Pegasus Wing Gust – Wrapping her arms and her ribbon tails around her waist, it charges up a sharp gust of wind which, when released, knocks back her enemies.

Pegasus Wing Slash – Much the same as the Wing Gust but her arms are tighter around her body, and when released slashes at her enemies with speed.

Technically holds the title of Lady, or will do when she marries.

Player: Charlotte/Weirfan22
Chatango Weirfan22

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Re: Yūgana Suwan // Sailor Pegasi

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Hi Charlotte, it is looking good so far, but there is just one thing that I guess we should've made it more clear under the 'relation to senshi', but in terms of how well canon senshi know an player's OC is up to the player of the canon senshi. You will have to contact the two who play Haruka and Michiru, and then also verify with one of the admins before we can get this accepted. For now, it might be easier if you change that part of the history.
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Re: Yūgana Suwan // Sailor Pegasi

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Alrighty, let her fly~
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Re: Yūgana Suwan // Sailor Pegasi

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