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Michiru Kaioh --> Sailor Neptune.

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Michiru Kaioh --> Sailor Neptune.

Post by Michiru Kaioh on Sun Sep 01, 2013 11:09 pm


Name: Michiru Kaioh

Appearance: Michiru stands delicately at average height, and a below-average weight. Her perfected complexion is fair and her eyes are a calm, cerulean blue. Fingernails are often manicured and painted to match the artsy, free-flowing outifts consisting mostly of eloquent gowns and fashionable scarves that she sports so effortlessly, usually followed by a shoe with some sort of heel. Her most prominant feature, however, is her shoulder-length, sea-green hair that is likened to seaweed in shape and cascades in waves as if the mystical strands were a part of the ocean themselves.

Personality: Michiru is the personification of feminity and grace. She is calm, collected, and mature individual who is very lady-like and seems as if she is perfect in nearly everything she does. Her often reserved, mysterious composture causes others to misinterpret her at times or become curious what lies beneath her crafted, polite, cogenial mask of emotion. She is also insintively blessed with wisdom and a motherly nature, traits that likely derive from the sea, and lends her assistance when they are needed. One, in desperate and strategical situations, and two, in raising and helping taking care of Hotaru.

However, this is not to say that Michiru is solely made up of goodness. There are times where she is capable of shifting from a soothing tide rolling onto the shore to a raging tsunami that is crashing with all of its might. Granted, she is not afraid to act harsh to or scold someone if she feels the need to -- even if it is someone she cares about -- or has simply reached her limit of tranquility. She is even capable of seeming arrogant at times, though this is a darker side of her that she mainly keeps to herself, along with her hidden insecurities and doubt.

A characteristic that trumps all others, though, would have to be her determination and loyalty. Once she has her mind set and focused on a goal, she will do anything and everything neccesary to achieve and succeed in it -- sometimes, even if it means sacrificing herself or betraying those she wants to protect. Her loyalty and love dedicated to Haruka knows no bounds, and although she may subtly tease the Sky Senshi about their relationship, it has been tested time and time again, only to have Neptune save Uranus' life on more than one occasion... even when her own or others' lives are at risk.

In her free time, when she is not protecting her Queen, doing anything and everything with Haruka, or nuturing Hotaru, Michiru can often be seen playing her precious violin, whether it be at a concert or in desire, swimming in the popular pool, or painting a serene/aquamarine scene.

History: After Galaxia was defeated, all was peaceful. Haruka, and by extention, Michiru, remained in Tokyo in order to further help guard their Moon Princess and keep her safe from harm, as well as assist Setsuna in parental duties regarding Hotaru. Michiru, although still battling the occasional youma with the rest of the Outer Senshi, had finally found the prose to become a professional violinist -- which was, of course, aided by her joint concert with the Three Lights a few years back -- and now only does painting and swimming as additional hobbies. Years and years flew by, and aging began to slow immensely -- leaving the seaweed-haired senshi appearing to be in her twenties in the early 30th century, rather than appearing to be in her hundreds. Of course, she didn't mind. If she could remain an adult with Haruka and still be capable of protecting Neo-Queen Serenity, she had no qualms with the change in time's maturity.

Regarding being a senshi, she has since discovered her Eternal form and attained a new attack along the way. Somehow, she knew she would need the upgrade -- as her precognitive senses told her that a new threat would soon approach the seas and storms of Japan. She was right. And now? She is on a new mission, fighting new enemies, and stepping up to protect and guard the royal court even more so than before. Prosperity and Peace can only go so long without ending, right? Though, that is not to say that it has to end completely.

Magical Information:

Alias: Eternal Sailor Neptune
Henshin Item: Crystal Lip Rod
Henshin Phrase: "Neptune Eternal Power, Make-up!"
Weapon: Deep Aqua Mirror

Precognition. ~ Not an attack, but merely an ability of hers, which she has in and out of her senshi forms -- it seems as if she cannot control it or simply "turn it off". She is capable of sensing auras and presences, and is often very inutitive upon knowing what is and what is to come. Sometimes these abilities manifest themselves in not only feelings, but also in dreams and, in her Aqua Mirror as well, where she is able to demolish illusions.

Deep Submerge! ~ Eternal Sailor Neptune holds her hands up in the air, forming a sphere of oceanic energy, then thrusts the raging ball of sea-water at her target, which is capable of drowning them to an extent.

Submarine Reflection! ~ This attack can only be used after she has summoned her Deep Aqua Mirror. Once she has the weapon in her possession, she spins around with it in front of her chest, the glass part facing her. Then, she turns the mirror towards her target, and sea-water sprews forth towards the enemy, often somewhat purifying or weakening them.

Violon Tide! ~ Eternal Sailor Neptune plays a meody upon her violin, bringing forth a devastating tide of energy in its wake that rushes toward the enemy/target and washes over them.

Dragon Rise! ~ Eternal Sailor Neptune does a flip kick, which springs ocean mist that follow her heels and hit the opponent in a combo after they have already been struck with the kick.

Writing Sample:

Green heels tap, tap, tapped upon the side-walk, beige slacks and a matching blazer fluid with her body movements. A green scarf, tied to perfection, modeled as a choker upon her neck, and the shirt, although slightly lower than most, under the blazer was no other than the same colour. Her hair, as always, fell in seaweed waves, framing her face and her focused gaze.

She slowed when she approached the revolvling glass door in the street strip, pushing it gently in order to get to the other side. Her steps were ones that were of business, ones that were on a mission, as they echoed from the polished floor and bounced off of the paintings upon the walls.

It wasn't long until she reached it, and sat down in the seat before the item. An easal full of vibrance and beauty and reform. A blank slate, with a color wheel of paint neatly seperated by their respective combinations... now resting upon her finger-tips. The thin plastic of the brush hand was smooth and chilled in her fingertips, and as she delicately eased it upon the canvas...

But, the paradise wasn't meant to be. She felt it before she heard it, as her sapphire gaze shifted slightly to the side. Something is here.

Michiru immediately put the paint brush down and set the colour wheel aside, standing and preparing herself for what she knew was to come.

A scream could be heard a moment later from somewhere within the Museum -- which she had bought, by the way, via being wealther than she was accustomed to. It was a scream of horror, a scream that only existed in horror movies and nightmares.

She brust into a run, a sprint, pulling out her Crystal Wand.

The art of painting could wait. Her duty as a senshi was more important. No.. being a senshi was her sole purpose -- it was her duty. And, her duty, her family, and her mission dedicated to her princess, was more important than anything else she could imagine.

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Re: Michiru Kaioh --> Sailor Neptune.

Post by Runa Nalid on Sun Sep 01, 2013 11:21 pm


She looks great you are good to go!

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