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Chibi-Usa // Sailor Pink Moon

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Chibi-Usa // Sailor Pink Moon

Post by Runa Nalid on Mon Aug 12, 2013 3:51 pm


Name Chibi-Usa Tsukino, Small Lady Serenity

Chibi-Usa has grown since the start of everything. She has blossomed into a young teenager, she appears to be 16. Her cotton candy pink hair pulled up in the classic bunny ears, but her thick pigtails have lengthened much like her mothers, reaching her knees. Her bangs combed into a heart shape into the middle of her forehead. Her ruby red eyes, reaching a certain maturity, but still full of playfulness and a hint of curiosity.

She stands a bit taller then her mother, at 5'1. Her figure thin and young, but her curves developing into a young lady, like she always dreamed to be. Her clothing range from cute and playful, to sinister sexy, it could be the hint of Black Lady still within her. Her make-up is light but she always has lip gloss and pink eyeshadow. Her crystal stays with her, she also has a fake one on a silver chain around her neck along with a time key, you never know when you will need that! When out of the palace she lets down her hair with a simple bun, much like her favorite person Pluto. Her mother dislikes this but, it's for her safety.

Chibi-Usa is still a feisty girl, she says what needs to be said. She can be very outspoken and when she puts her mind to something she gets it done no matter what. She has a soft spot for her friends and family she would do anything for them. Just like her mother she can see the good in people, even if they are not so pure, she will connect with them on a deeper level.

She does have a temper and hates being told what to do. If you tell her she can't do something she will show that person up. Her playful nature sometimes gets her in trouble at school but she puts out good grades, the bubbliness of her nature is much like her mothers but she can keep a calm demeanor like her father and listens to everyone who has a problem giving them wise advice. She is a fighter by nature and takes her role seriously, she still wants to live up her dream of being a strong, beautiful lady.

School Kouhai Boarding School

The biggest thing she was BORN! Well from that, she of course hopped through time and space training with the senshi of the past, it is pretty awkward actually living it in the present, but she wouldn't say no, it is the adventure of a life time, but since she hit the age of 12 it has been steady living in Crystal Tokyo day to day. She visits the senshi, they all still have some cheesecake parties.

But other then normal royal duties she attends Kouhai and has been since it was published. Her life being almost secret but not secret at the same time, gets to be confusing. She is now 16, living the dream. She misses being a senshi full time but, she is still training with the others and making sure to stay on her toes, just in case. Also working in on a secret project for her mother and father, with a few people involved. The sense of trouble brewing is near, so she is a bit hesitant she isn't ready to battle, but she will not let anyone get in the way, just like her mother, she is on the mission to outshine and out-glory, though that is a tough task as it is a very large hurdle to jump.

Magical Information
Alias Sailor Pink Moon

Henshin Item A heart shaped gold brooch. Inside her pink moon crystal sits nestled on a red cushion. The cushion has a golden moon, one the right, a gold star on the left, and tying them together is a rainbow colored ribbon. On the outside of the compact, is four gems, colored in blue, green, red, and yellow, one for each of the Amazon Quartet. A pair of white wings are set on the sides, expanded.

Henshin Phrase”Eternal Pink Moon Power, Make-Up!”

Weapon A thin silver wand with moons and stars etched into the handle part. The top of the wand, is a white orb with a silver ring around it, atop the orb is a pink moon, in the curvature of the moon is a small silver crown.

Pink Ladies Freezing Kiss- This attack is a group attack with the Amazon Quartet.

Royal Pink Feathers- She holds her wand out and feathers start to form out of her crescent moon. The feathers swarming around her, glowing pink. She stops and holds out her palm, shooting the feathers toward her enemy, causing paper cuts.

Pink Moon Cocktail- She holds her right hand out and with the left hand she holds her wand. Twirling the wand she closes her eyes, she does a quick turns lifting her left leg up, as her leg straightens. The wand sends cyclones of pink stars, hearts, and moons swirling with white glittery goodness at her enemy.

Starry Beam Kiss- She cups the orb in her hands, closing her eyes energy starts to swell around her. The energy getting bright and burning, she leans down to kiss the orb as she does she snaps open her eyes and the energy that had manifest shoots toward her enemy, may cause a burning hole through what it touches.

Writing Sample
The pink haired princess had to go on a walk today she was tired of being in the palace and reviewing the paper work for the new recruiters and the outlines of the top secret surprise. She need some fresh air and new thoughts, so to the beach it was. She had called Hotaru to come along, she really hoped her best friend would, it would be boring without her. Strolling casually down the sidewalk it was nice and refreshing day, so it would be perfect to relax. Chibi-Usa held her bunny shaped bag close to her, full of all the things she would need.

Chibi-Usa had reached the beach and changed into her pink glitter cover bikini. A small black wrap around her hips. Sinking her toes into the sand she let out a sigh, this felt good, the stress just melted from her body. Her pink hair tied up and a pair of black sunglasses encrusted with pink gems on the side, she sat down on her beach towel looking out toward the horizon. It was simple beautiful, her mind was taken from the trance as she felt a brush of skin next to her, ”Hotaru-chan!" she squeaked hugging her friend, ”I am glad you could make it!”

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Re: Chibi-Usa // Sailor Pink Moon

Post by Aki Hoshikita on Mon Aug 12, 2013 5:26 pm


Looks good, can't wait to see her in action.
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