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Jian Kansugi // Adamite Knight

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Jian Kansugi // Adamite Knight

Post by Jian Kansugi on Sun Aug 25, 2013 11:49 am

Name Jian Kansugi
Age Appears to be around 23
Gender Male
Birthdate: May 15th
Birthplace/Planet Hong Kong, Earth
Family Members
Mother- Mei Lin Hwuang (deceased)
Father- Hitoshi Kansugi
Sibling- Lifen Kansugi (Age 14)
Alignment Nebulae Shittenou
Pets/Guardians None
Jian is currently not certain of his goals. He feels like he has most of what he wants right now.
“Even though the past is hard, you can't let it eat you up.”
School Kouhai as one of the school nurses.

Jian is quite the tall young man. Standing at 6'0, he has an athletic build, with fairly light skin. His aqua coloured hair is fairly short, and reaches to about his ears, with a slight wave in it, and his eyes are a dark blue. His clothes are pretty standard. His sense of fashion is nothing particular flashy or interesting, considering his job. Underneath his lab coat he often wears T-shirts with a quirky print on them, or plaid with a pair of blue jeans. He doesn’t vary much from this style, unless someone gets him something new and he deems it acceptable.

At a first glance, Jian is a fairly low energy individual. He's not particularly loud, nor does he have a quick temper. Actually, he's pretty calm to the point where he may sound constantly tired. There are also times where he can come off as rather blunt and sarcastic, and that can mean that either he really likes you… or dislikes you. That being said, he also has a kind, if not sometimes flirtatious side. He is empathetic and willing to help those in need. The one thing he does get rather fired up about though is his sister. Sure, he doesn't mind poking fun at her now and then, but if anyone dare anger her or makes her cry, well... he can be a bit of a guard dog.
Jian isn’t a comedian, but he does enjoy incredibly cheesy puns. Give him a good pun and he’ll have a good muttered chuckle. It ticks off Lifen to non-end, but it's just one of those things you just can't change. Jian also has problems reading underlying messages with people. If someone isn't blunt about an insult or flirting, he doesn't always realize it right away. He's the sort of person you must be straight with and can't really dance around an issue. Yet, he is excellent at catching symbolism in books and movies and is in general, a good student.
He is also a bad cook. Scratch that, terrible cook. The only thing he has managed not to burn or explode have been instant ramen cups. Needless to say, if he were to move out of the house now, he'd have a pretty terrible diet.
Jian is a surprisingly good martial artist, though didn’t always play by the rules. He was the junior champion at the Hong Kong Kung Fu Open tournament 3 times in a row, and has placed usually in the top 5 in international tournaments. He can also sing very well, though he chooses not to openly admit that. Of course, get a few drinks in him at Karaoke, and he may just sing a few songs for you.

-Hand-to-hand combat
-Singing (though he doesn’t like to admit it)
-Nursing people back to health
-Surprisingly empathetic
-Terrible cook
-The cold. He hates it
-Video Games
-Does get very touchy about the subject of his mother
-Kung Fu
-Handyman stuff (repairing household objects, bicycles, etc.)
Jian was born and raised in Hong Kong to a Chinese mother and Japanese father. Along with his sister, Lifen, they lived a rather normal and happy family life up until he was 13, when his mother died in a fire. Jian took the loss of his mother very hard, became a bit of a delinquent for a few years often getting into fights, petty theft and vandalism. However, things started to change when he discovered that he was a Nebulae Shittenou, the Adamite Knight. It wasn’t before long that he then went to Crystal Tokyo to learn more about his new power. It was a new beginning. He started to take on more responsibility and looked forward to the future, rather than just dwelling on the past. During his training as a Shittenou, he also found an interest in healing others, which made him decide to become a nurse (he had considered doctor, but frankly, he wasn’t in the mood for that much school. He’s not that focused). Other than his knightly duties, he now finds himself working at Kouhai Boarding school as one of the nurses. While it may seem like an odd job for an undercover knight, perhaps he is there for something a bit more…
Magical Information
Knight Alias Adamite
Knight History
Nebulae Shittenou started to appear around Earth again at the dawn of the Golden Era. Young men found themselves reborn with powers that were similar to those of their senshi counterparts. Adamite is no different.
As the Adamite Shittenou, Jian is no prince or king of a planet, but a loyal knight of the King Endymion, serving to protect earth and to serve as a mentor to any new and young Nebulae Shittenou. Adamite is known as a knight of creativity and perseverance. With a powerful ‘Third-eye’, he has a high defence, specifically against attacks that may affect the mind while at the same time, seeming to be able to communicate with the unknown.

Henshin Item An adamite pendant
Henshin Phrase Adamite Crystal, Power-up!
Weaponry A long, Chinese styled, green spear.
Fuku An 'updated' version of the Shitennou's outfits, Jian uniform is light-blue, with white pants. His belt and gloves are made of a brown leather, with a green adamite crystal in the centre of the hand. His boots, are a shiny, dark black that reach up just below his knee.
Cedar Spear- Jian's weapon doubles in power, capable or penetrating any armour, and making the ground shake if he ever hits it. However, with this, he also loses a large amount of speed, making it very risky if his enemy is the quick time.
Adamite Strike- Jian throws sharp, shuriken styled adamite crystals
Chakra Heart- Jian places his hand on his chest and summons a ball of energy and then blasts it towards the enemy.
More to be added later!
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Re: Jian Kansugi // Adamite Knight

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He is good to go, Kitty might need help with some maintenance.

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