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Keni Umutemi | Agate Knight

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Keni Umutemi | Agate Knight

Post by Keni Umutemi on Fri Jan 10, 2014 6:49 pm

Name Keni Umutemi
Age 16
Gender Male
Birthdate 04/23/1997
Birthplace/Planet Agatorus
Family Members None, as he grew up an orphan
Alignment Nebulae Shittenou | Good
Pets/Guardians None
Goals To become the Universe's best martial artist
Motto "Never give up and never surrender. Always remember that and you'll go far."
School Tengoku-Teki

Keni has short black hair that he hardly combs, but does keep trimmed short. He always wears loose-fitting shorts and shirts, in order to keep himself ready to leap into action at any time. He always is seen wearing black-and-red-colored headbands, as well as a black belt tied around his waist. The headbands all have metal plates on them with the kanji for "Courage" on them. He usually wears close-toed sandals with metal in the toes. He also always wears black fingerless gloves with metal bands on the backs, with the Japanese kanji for "Courage" on each one. His body is well-toned from his years of training. This has made him the center of attention with many girls his age.

Keni is a strong-willed individual, never backing down from a challenge. He pays little attention in classes, preferring to spend his time training. As such, Keni is seen as the "big and dumb" archetype, and some people had picked on him, but ended up on the business end of one of his palm strikes. Keni is also a person who doesn't seem to really notice any romantic feelings that someone would have for him, though he has saved a few girls from getting attacked. This is because he has a strong moral sense of right and wrong, as well as what he is supposed to do. However, if angered, Keni will lash out with a nearly inhuman ferocity, though it takes a bit of needling to get him to that point. However, Keni does not believe in being an aggressor, not actually harming anyone until they've attacked him first, a by-product of all the martial arts teachings he's had drilled into his head.

Strong Martial Arts skills
Strong sense of duty
Physically strong, durable, and agile due to years of training
Courageous, as he never backs down from a challenge.

Not the most intelligent person
Tends to rush into battles when angered
Won't attack unless attacked first
Mediocre weaponry skills

Hobbies Martial arts training

Keni never really knew the love of a parent, as his home planet was destroyed when he was an infant by Chaos. Keni's parents, before charging into battle, sent Keni away with only the Agate Stone, the Henshin Item to become the Agate Knight. Keni floated for a few years in mental and physical stasis, aging very little. A few years later, he landed on Earth. Keni was raised by an orphanage, taking an interest in martial arts from an early age. He began studying karate when he was 3, achieving black belt status by time he was 8. During that time, he began studying judo and kung fu, reaching black belt status for both by time he was 12. When he was 10, he began studies for Muay Thai, reaching black belt at age 14. His most recent accomplishment was reaching black belt status on Lua, the study of which he began at 11. He is currently studying Capoeira, Tae Kwon Do, and Jeet Kune Do. However, despite all the calming techniques that all of the martial arts teach, he still has anger issues, particularly when being called "stupid" or teased about having no parents. He's been into trouble before for fighting, though he's been let off every time, as it was either in self-defense or in defense of someone else.

Magical Information
Senshi/Knight/Hero/Villain Alias Agate Knight
Senshi/Knight/Hero/Villain History The Agate Knight is a hereditary position, usually the protector of the Agatorus Royal Family. However, the Agatorus Royal Family, along with the rest of the planet, were destroyed in a battle with Chaos. However, Keni's parents managed to send him to earth with the Agate Knight henshin item, an Agate Stone with a Moon symbol on it, symbolizing the Planet's alliance with the Moon Kingdom.
Henshin Item Agate Stone
Henshin Phrase "Agate's Courage, Rise up!"
Weaponry None
Costume The Agate Knight costume, when worn by Keni, resembles black karate clothes, featuring tighter-fitting material. He wears no armor in order to not sacrifice agility for protection.
Attacks Since he doesn't use weaponry, the Agate Knight abilities allow Keni to manipulate his energy into a tangible form.
Courage Shielding Palm Keni forms a shield of tangible energy to deflect minor attacks. This attack won't deflect projectiles or medium-strength attacks.
Courage Striking Palm Keni thrusts his palm forward, and sends a blast of energy at his foes. The blast, while not seen, travels in a straight line from Keni's palm with little outward spread, making it easy to dodge.
Courage Spinning Palm Keni spins rapidly in place, using his energy to deflect projectiles. This attack won't deflect/repel energy-based attacks.
Courage Multiple Palm Strikes Keni rapidly strikes his foe two-fingered jabs surrounded by his energy. This attack hits up to 64 times, striking foes in key points. Since this attack relies on Keni getting close, he cannot use the technique on foes that keep their distance.

He has yet to discover the powers that the Agate Stone holds, just carrying it around as a good-luck charm.
His martial arts accomplishments are as follows:
Karate: Black Belt [age 8]
Judo: Black Belt [age 12]
Kung Fu: Black Belt [age 12]
Muay Thai: Black Belt [age 14]
Lua: Black Belt [age 15]
Tae Kwon Do: Brown Belt [Current]
Jeet Kune Do: Green Belt [Current]
Capoeira: White Belt [Current]

Player: rawkhawk64, preferrably rawk
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Re: Keni Umutemi | Agate Knight

Post by Aki Hoshikita on Sat Jan 11, 2014 10:49 am


Looks ready to go! Go ahead and throw him in a few threads. :3
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