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Makoto Kino// Sailor Jupiter

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Makoto Kino// Sailor Jupiter

Post by Makoto Kino on Mon Nov 11, 2013 3:12 am


Name Makoto Kino
Appearance Makoto is one of the tallest of the senshi only standing slightly shorter than Haruka. She has a tomboyish appearance and wears her long brown hair in a ponytail. At times when she's really annoyed she can seem a bit scary to others but she also has a soft feminine look to her. She has green eyes that really depending on her mood or whats going on can have a pretty scary look to them or a soft and compassionate look to them.
Personality Makoto has a rough and sometimes Tom boyish personality. She is easy to tick off though she's one of the sweetest people you can meet. Once upon a time she had been hung up over her old crush but that has since changed. Now she is focused on one protecting her queen and of course one of her dearest friends and also to teaching people how to cook. She's got a big heart and she would give someone the shirt off her back. She still wants to find love but it's no longer one of her top priority's. As long as her friends end up happy than she has no problems being single.

History After the battle with galaxia was over and the starlights left Makoto finished high school. She was able to open her own bakery/Flower shop and was happy to run it until Usagi took the throne. At first he soul focus was Protecting Serenity but the others quickly pointed out that the Neo-Queen would want makoto to live her own life. So with that in mind and having already closed her bakery/Flower shop she decided to look around for something else to do that she would enjoy. she decided teaching others to bake and cook was what she wanted to do. Eventually becoming a cooking/Baking teacher at Kouhai boarding school. Makoto enjoys her job but is ready to run out of the school at any minute should Serenity or the other senshi ever need her at any point in time. Though she has found she needs to be tougher on some students more than others to get them to pay attention in class.

Magical Information
Alias Eternal Sailor Jupiter
Henshin Item Crystal Change rod
Henshin Phrase Jupiter Eternal power, Make Up!
Weapon the conductor rod in her tiara
Flower Hurricane: Jupiter created flurry's of flower blossoms to confuse her target.

Supreme Thunder- using the rod in her tiara she shoots she shoots bolts of electricity at her opponent.

Supreme Thunder Dragon- a more powerful version of Supreme thunder but shaped like a dragon only used once.

Sparkling Wide Pressure- Jupiter gathered Electricity in her hands and threw it at her target.

Jupiter Coconut Cyclone- She shoots energy from her hands while wind swirls around her.

Jupiter Oak Evolution- Jupiter performed this attack with the leaves of oak after getting the Jupiter Crystal.

Electrifying Blossoms- Jupiter sends a flurry of Flower blossoms created from energy used to disorient or harm her target depending on her intent with the attack.

Jupiter Thunder flash- the rod in her tiara gathers energy and flashes for a short time used to blind her opponent and temporarily disorient them.

Writing Sample

Mako sighed as she looked around the class as she spoke. Most were paying attention but she had that one student at the back of the room who didn't seem the least bit interested in what she had to say that day. "now class I need for all of you to pay attention this will be on the test." she said. She almost laughed when the boys attention snapped to the front of the room. She never gave written tests she always made her students bake or cook something and she would grade them on that. It was just like teaching the other senshi to cook when they were teenagers. in fact now that she thought about it Usagi and Minko would stop paying attention from time to time. thoughts of the old days left a bright smile on her face almost every time she thought of them.

Sure she had her moments when she didn't get along with the other senshi. She had after all hated Haruka and Michiru and everything they stood for at one time. Even know she couldn't completely wrap her mind around willingly letting someone die just to save the world. She had also started hatting them even more when they were all ready to kill Hotaru who she had found to be an innocent kid caught in the middle. Now the brunette actually some what saw why they had been so willing to kill Hotaru and had tried to do so and came close to succeeding. Though she would step in front of the black haired girl just as quickly as she had than. 'I miss the old days but I wouldn't trade my life now for anything.' she thought looking around the room at the other students a soft yet bright smile on her face.

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Re: Makoto Kino// Sailor Jupiter

Post by Runa Nalid on Tue Nov 12, 2013 6:22 pm


She looks good hun! Thank you for making her a professor also, that will make things interesting!

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