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Original Senshi

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Original Senshi

Post by Runa Nalid on Sat Aug 10, 2013 5:47 pm

We all love the variety and creativity that comes with a Original Senshi, but there are somethings that have to be considered both canon and role-play canon. These are some hints and tips, but you are welcome to ask any question's you have, we are here to help you.

First and foremost:
All Sailor Senshi have to be female, to have the title, means you are born female and have always been female and a Sailor Crystal to your 'home' planet, asteroid, comet what ever your space object you are from. So in Sailor Moon reality you are the heir, princess, to that place.

You have to have a Sailor Collar on your fuku, it symbolized you are a Sailor Solider.

Your name sake has to be from a space object, but there is room to play here as you can make up the planet, moon, asteroid, comet, whatever. You all know I do that a lot, so its only fair, plus it makes things interesting. We do have groups, like the Constellations, doesn't mean you have to join them, but it does make it a bit easier to get involved into the role play, especially if it is your first character, or first time making a character.

We want to try for a variety here, so try and branch out on different elements and attacks, we will try to compose a list of different ideas, along with weapons and henshin items.

You can have any kind of fuku you want, along with henshin and weapons, let your mind go wild. Which a henshin item is a must have item, while a weapon is not.

You might want something to be secret and not write it on the profile sheet, but you need to we have to approve everything, for rules sake, and the sake of the other members.

We also welcome most species, so your senshi can be an alien, a dog, cat, moose, or a duck! Only thing we ask is for them to have a human disguise while on Earth, unless transformed.

We do allow Starlights, but we do no accept Animates, they were creations made by Galaxia, in the StarS season and just that, but that does not mean the senshi that were stripped of their Crystals can not be applied for, such as Sailor Chuu, Sailor Mermaid, Sailor Cornus, Sailor Mau...

If you have a senshi group idea or you want to start a group with others on the board, please just let the staff know and we will work something out with you, but this does not mean you will get to accept the senshi that come into your group, again only Staff can accept characters. Plus not everyone likes everyone, that is the fun of a role-play and a group. To add onto this note, we also would like you to be here for two months before deciding to make a group, because it's not fair to just leave everyone hanging and be committed.

Original Senshi can be good or neutral. They can work with the Solar Senshi, against, or just be solo and out on their own. We want to try to stay away from evil senshi since we are only going to have one villain for this role-play, but that said they can be chaotic neutral, where they lean toward the more negative not helping the good senshi.

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