Destination: Moonlight
Luminosity, a post-stars sailor moon rp
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In This Twilight - AU SM RP!

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In This Twilight - AU SM RP!

Post by ITTadmin on Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:04 pm

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In This Twilight is an AU Sailor Moon RPG set after Sailor StarS, in present-day Miami, Florida. We've taken Sailor Moon as you know it and flipped it on its head. The Silver Millennium certainly didn't end the way you think it did! The Sailor Arcs? Those didn't go how you think, either, culminating to this: A new villain has arrived. One who takes the very darkest parts of your soul, your fears, and brings them out. He strips away everything that was once good about you until you're a husk of your former self. Will you fight against Fear, or give into it?


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