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Masako Ghiroza//The Justice

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Masako Ghiroza//The Justice

Post by Masako Ghiroza on Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:39 pm

Name: Masako Ghiroza
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Birthdate: January 28
Birthplace/Planet: Felek
Family Members: Saburou Ghiroza- stepfather, deceased
Niyuki Ghiroza- mother, former Lady Justice, deceased
Maleko Ghiroza- younger sister
Alignment: Evil/Major Arcana
Pets/Guardians: N/A

  • To eliminate corruption in the universe
  • To not have anymore people die needlessly
  • Protect his little sister

Motto: "Good guys always win."
School: Kouhai
Masako is rather unassuming for a Japanese citizen. He is a little on the taller side at 5'9" with a slim body and lanky limbs. His shoulder length hair is an inky black and his eyes are a vivid blue. Masako has narrow features which give him an air of maturity, but he has big doleful eyes that make him look younger than he is. He is very pale normally, but since he often wears dark clothes, he looks even paler by comparison. He often wears dark blues and blacks, and always wears a dark blue sweater along with a beige cap, regardless of weather. During the winter, he adds a black scarf to his ensemble.

Masako looks like a very quiet individual and he is more or less. He is serious and solemn at all times and can come off as aloof and cold. He's rather unconcerned with anything not involving himself, but he's not self-absorbed, just apathetic. He enjoys being alone and left to his own devices. When Masako has to be in the company of others, he speaks as little as possible. Because of that he remains an enigma to most. He gives off a cool and mysterious aura, though he's not that interesting by his standards.

Except that he's one of the 21 members of the Tarot, Justice. As the name says, Masako has a very strong sense of justice. He hates corruption and evil passionately and actively does whatever he can to prevent it from happening. He believes he is morally superior to the masses and that those of better moral faith are suited to and it's their duty to protect the weaker willed from themselves. So he can come off as somewhat condescending to others. The only ones he shows respect to are the other members of the Tarot and his little sister. Masako has a strong sense of loyalty and any wrong done to those he's affiliated with will be returned tenfold.

However, Masako is young and he has a tendency to let his sense of justice and to let everyone have a fair chance get in the way of evil plans. Though he doesn't mean to, he has a bad habit of sabotaging his own attempts to get Fortune Keys. Though he is serious, when prodded enough Masako gets flustered very easily. He gets nervous easily and is very uncomfortable with most girls his age, boys his age, people younger than him and animals. Masako'd never admit it but he is very close-minded. Once he's made up his mind on something, he'll only change his views under drastic measures. Underneath all the prickliness lies a sweetheart, which is only showed towards his sister and other members of the Tarot, if they're worthy that is.


Social Interaction
Getting Fortune Keys

Staring at others
Hanging out with his little sister


Magical Information
Senshi/Knight/Hero/Villain Alias The Justice

Senshi/Knight/Hero/Villain History Masako’s quiet birth caused a whirlwind within the House of Ghiroza. Niyuki Ghiroza, as lady of the house and the holder of the title The Justice, was a member of high society and as a member of high society she had many expectations and a reputation to uphold. However she did not care at all and it became clearly apparent when she became pregnant out of wedlock. It was amidst all of the suspension and rumors that Masako grew up. He was a withdrawn and quiet child who clung to his mother and nurses. When he was five years old, his mother got tired of all the rumors and married a lesser noble named Saburou. Shortly after, his younger sister was born and everything was perfectly content for Masako.

Soon he grew up and learned just how important his mother was. She was one of the 21 most important nobles on Felek. She held the title of Justice and helped make Felek a better world for everyone living there. Or she tried to. The King was so corrupt and undermined everything Masako’s righteous parents tried to do. Every measure that was meant to help the poor was turned down and eventually his mother got frustrated. Along with a mysterious being called The Teller, who obviously was very trustworthy as his mother trusted him, Niyuki and the other lords and ladies revolted against the king. However in her quest for justice, she was killed along with her husband. Luckily she died towards the end of the revolt, before the evil king could turn his attentions onto Masako and his little sister. As the oldest and now new head of the House of Ghiroza, Masako inherited the title of Justice and followed The Teller and the rest of the Tarot in order to spread peace and order to the rest of the galaxy.

Henshin Item A tarot card with the letters XI written on it in ornate script. He wears it underneath his sleeves for easy access.

Henshin Phrase “Number Eleven, tip the scales!”

Weaponry A golden rapier with an image of scales engraved on the hilt.

Fuku Justice wears black and dark blue armor that covers his entire body. However unlike most armor, Justice’s armor is skintight and lightweight. The black and blue mix together in swirly patterns that cover the entire suit. He wears black pointy boots and wears a long black cape that reaches his feet. Attaching the cloak to his collar bone is a golden brooch of the numerals XII.

Attack(s) Glorious Judgement: Justice twirls his rapier, which then glows a bright white, and then thrusts it at the enemy. The damage this attack deals depends on how much his opponent has injured him.

Iseria Guard: He uses his cloak to cover himself like a large cocoon. Protects against most weaker attacks but susceptible to magical attacks and other powerful attacks.

Balanced Torrent: Justice twirls his sword, which causes it to glow a bright white and sends a flurry of eleven sword thrusts at his opponent..

True Justice: Justice throws his rapier into the air, it shines with a bright white light before a storm of narrow energy beams rain upon the ground around where Justice threw the sword. After this attack, Justice cannot use any of his other attacks aside from Iseria Guard for at least eleven minutes.

Like the other Major Arcana, Masako can summon Minor Arcana.
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Masako Ghiroza

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Re: Masako Ghiroza//The Justice

Post by Aki Hoshikita on Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:44 pm


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