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Tengoku- Teki Students and Teachers

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Tengoku- Teki Students and Teachers

Post by Runa Nalid on Sat Aug 10, 2013 4:40 pm

Tengoku-Teki Boarding School

Situated on top of one of the many lovely hills of Crystal Tokyo is Tengoku-Teki. Tengoku-Teki is one of two boarding schools that has a rich tradition of almost 500 years now. It offers a Kindergarten to Grade 12 program to both boys and girls along with a dormitory for the students to reside in during their stay at our school.

It's quite a trek up to Tengoku-Teki (which is now why we offer a shuttle bus service every half hour from 6am-8pm), but once you're up top, it's worth the hike! With it's beautiful sakura trees  and a fantastic view of the Crystal Palace, it's not wonder where it gets it's name! However, if you're not satisfied with just the view, our school also boasts a large soccer field, outdoor and indoor pools, a tennis court, and large gymnasium, top-notch science and computer labs, and so much more!  

Despite the meaning of their name being celestial and heavenly, Tengoku-Teki ideals are all about putting in the effort to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true. Our motto is "What you put in is what you put out."

Though some might be surprised, our emblem features a deer. While some may think of the deer as a docile and frightened creature, we believe that the deer represents vigilance, being in touch with one's inner self, and moving through life's obstacles with grace and intuition. We hope that our new students learn to love and embrace the deer as much as we do!

Tengoku-Teki's primary school colour is goldenrod yellow, to inspire energy and courage. Around the courtyard, you can see many yellow flowers planted, including sunflowers, yellow roses, and of course goldenrods. This colour is also visible on school uniforms. (Maestro: I AM SORRY FOR THE POOR QUALITY, I HAVE MANY THINGS TO DO)

Elementary Uniforms

Junior High Uniforms

High School Uniforms

Of course, with a school's who motto is about working hard, that doesn't mean we don't have our fair share of fun and games! Tengoku-Teki has a number of after school activities to take your mind off of classes. Whether your passion is arts, science, or athletics.

Here just a list of what is available so far!

-Table Tennis


-Break Dance
-Fine Arts
-Jewellery Making
-Creative Writing
-Cooking and Baking

-Student Council
-Yearbook and Events Planning
-Book Club
-Debate Team

Tengoku-Teki also hold friendly competitions with their sister school, Kouhai Boarding School, so be sure to check out some of the games and support your teams!

List of current staff and students attending Tengoku-Teki:

Milad Atsiel

-Akiko Hoshikita
-Eridani Atsiel
-Cora Sinclair

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