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Alcander tel-Kyrion, The Hanged Man

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Alcander tel-Kyrion, The Hanged Man

Post by Alcander tel-Kyrion on Sun Aug 25, 2013 4:44 pm

Name: Alcander tel-Kyrion
Age: Appears in his early twenties
Gender: Male
Birthdate: August 11
Birthplace/Planet: Felek
Family Members: Balthasar tel-Kyrion (Father, Dean of Academic Excellence, Royal tel-Kyrion Academy); Eirine tel-Kyrion (Mother), Nileas tel-Kyrion (Elder brother), Stasia tel-Kyrion (younger sister), Phelix tel-Kyrion (younger brother)
Alignment: The Tarot
Goals: To find the Treasures of Lore and to rise as high as possible in the power structure of the Tarot; perhaps, one day, even replace The Teller himself
Motto: "A wise man knows the difference between what is necessary and what is expendable."


Alcander stands at an above-average 5’9’’, with a sleek frame telling of his noble upbringing and careful training. Slim, elegant, and always bearing impeccable gait and posture, even standing still he projects a certain vision of deliberate, statuesque grace. His facial features are sharp and angular; but no part of his face is sharper than his light green eyes which, despite the elegance of the rest of his appearance, communicate a deadly, almost snake-like cunning and wrath. His hair is a soft shade of red, providing a dramatic contrast to his eyes that makes his appearance further stand out.

In terms of attire, his tastes are for sleek outfits, classic with a modern twist, often featuring vests, coat tails, and other “old school” elements given a contemporary treatment. He favors dark colors, particularly black and greens.


Alcander’s eyes have been observed to have a snake-like quality, but that may well be reflective of his personality. Coming from the esteemed tel-Kyrion family of nobles on Felek, Alcander has an extremely high opinion of himself, his family, and his standing. In his eyes, everyone outside of himself and his inner circle of trusted friends and family are entirely beneath him, and considered fully expendable. He is a greedy and self-serving man, and he doesn't hesitate to sacrifice the lives of anyone around him in order to elevate his own status -- he has done so before, and will continue to do so.

Among friends and family, Alcander is loyal and protective, seeking to advance their good along with his own. He is quick to turn his wrath against those who threan him or his loved ones, whether through engineering a clever back-room scheme to bring them down, or simply cutting them down with his blades. Alcander is a headstrong, violent and cunning type; his solution to most problems usually involves finding the best way to kill the problem. He has a charismatic sort of personality that often inspires the people assigned as his followers, and he has become adept at motivating people to want to martyr themselves for his cause. This is especially evident with his use of Minor Arcana youma -- he makes extensive use of them rather than always engage on the front lines himself, and fully expects their tasks to be suicide missions; entirely acceptable, so long as they succeed.


Deadly Cunning: Wheather dealing with political intrigue and betrayal or the movement of troops on a battlefield, one learns to read, react, and manipulate quickly. Alcander is very adept at reading and interpreting peoples’ intentions, and finding ways to twist leverage against them to blackmail, deceive, or manipulate them. And when it comes time for battle, he has a keen eye for seeing large engagements with a sharp eye, developing tactics that have won him many military engagements both before and after the war on Felek.

Well-Educated: Coming from a powerful noble family of Felek, Alcander has had a top-tier education funded by his family's wealth and prestige. He is a very intelligent and well-studied man, versatile in his intelligence and skilled in dealing with people. He doesn't always fight, because he doesn't need to -- with his education and brains, he can often find ways to clear his obstacles without having to get his hands dirty.

Motivational: During the war on Felek, Alcander was well-known for his lengthy and passionate pre-battle speeches, in which he would whip his troops into such a righteous frenzy that they fought far more fiercely than expected, battling with passion and being willing to throw down their lives if it meant a victory for their cause. As a leader, Alcander has a knack for rallying people to his cause and inspiring them to give their best -- a talent he has often abused to draw people into blind loyalty.


Hopeless Paranoia: One of the downsides to living a life where everyone is a pawn in your quest for power is that no one is ever truly worth of trust. Alcander has a true trust for (most) of his fellow family members, and a strong devotion to a select few friends and allies. Beyond that, very few people in the known universe are worthy of more than a basic level of trust, and anyone could be ready to turn the tables on him at any time.

Fear of Death: Alcander never thinks twice about sending someone else to their death in order to achieve his goals -- he was well-known for doing so on Felek. But when it comes to laying down his own life, Alcander's resolve quickly fades away. He fears his own mortality greatly, and will abandon anyone or anything if it becomes apparent that he is in danger of losing his life.

Never Fly Solo: A commander and manipulator by nature, Alcander excels when he has plenty of manpower and resources to move around to make his schemes come to fruition. But left isolated without subordinates or other resources, he quickly becomes far less effective, unwilling to expose himself to excessive danger by handling too many things himself. Take away the people under his command and the money and power he commands, and Alcander quickly becomes a far less aggressive, less effective enemy.

Hobbies: Since coming to Earth, he's developed an interest in reading up on its history, and a fascination with gourmet ice cream. In general, he enjoys reading and people-watching, always trying to pry into people's business as a matter of sport. He is also an avid reader, and loves to spend lengths of time surrounded by books.


Magical Information
Senshi/Knight/Hero/Villain Alias: The Hanged Man
Senshi/Knight/Hero/Villain History:

The tel-Kyrion family is a highly regarded, long-established noble family of Felek, one with a far-reaching history of influence and excellence. Over the years, many of the previous Kings and Queens of Felek have been served by advisors and strategists from the tel-Kyrion line, known for their intelligence, cunning, and their ability to orchestrate schemes and strategies to excellence. While the actual political & economic influence of the family has decreased in recent times, they still maintain the prestigious Royal tel-Kyrion Academy, created thousands of years ago by the decree of a previous king.

Seeing as the Academy’s Headmaster was his own grandfather, Alcander’s acceptance and study was considered a given. Raised with a constantly-reinforced love and loyalty for family, and trained in the traditional over-inflated tel-Kyrion ego, Alcander grew up a confident (and frequently cocky) young noble with an eye toward one day becoming a top political official, or perhaps a legendary military leader. He excelled in his studies, particularly in the fighting arts, strategy, and the various political & diplomatic disciplines of the higher-born. Having proved his worth, he was eventually appointed as one of the 21 Lords, becoming a key leader in the politics of Felek.

As a Lord of Felek, Alcander was exceedingly power hungry and greedy, doing his best to leverage his political position for personal gain for himself and his family. As it became clear that the King was quickly becoming a tyrant, Alcander realized that as the King became more powerful, Alcander himself would become less powerful. So with his self-centered motives in mind, Alcander played a large part in organizing the rebel factions that opposed the King's power.

During the war, he became well known for delivering masterful speeches to his troops, helping to inspire them to overcome the soldiers loyal to the King in battle. He also developed a reputation for expending the lives of his men, sending many units of troops to their death in suicidal diversionary missions, sacrificing their lives in order to allow for a critical victory on another battlefield. Though his methods were ruthless, they were also effective.

The arrival of The Teller brought an end to the conflict, and Alcander joined with the other Lords to follow The Teller's lead and pursue the Treasures of Lore. Even throughout this mission, Alcander remains mindful of his own standing and continues to try to advance himself above his 20 peers. And in the back of his mind, he even entertains the possibility of one day overthrowing The Teller and taking power for himself.

Henshin Item: A small metallic card with "XII" stamped onto the front center, usually kept in one of his pockets.
Henshin Phrase: "The Hanged Man... Conquer In Blood!"
Weaponry: A pair of matched thin, straight-bladed words named "Thymos" (wrath) and "Doxa" (glory).
Fuku: In his transformed state, Alcander wears sleek black coat that falls just pat his waist in the front, and down to his knees and calves in layers down the back. A white, high-collared shirt sits beneath it, and the amulet of his family crest sits around his neck knotted with a red cord. His pants are a similar black and sleek design to his coat, and he wears a pair of durable black and grey boots, as well as a pair of gloves. His swords are sheathed at his waist, one on his hip and one across his lower back.


Web of Wiles: Extending one hand as if to grab at something, Alcander projects a jade-green “net” of energy that can ensnare a target to hold them captive. If it succeeds in capturing its target, it can change shapes to form a dome-shaped “cage”, or conform tightly to wrap around the target’s body and act as bindings.

Whirling Dervish: Alcander holds his two swords hilt-to-hilt, and green energy engulfs them from top to bottom as he throws them away from himself. They spin rapidly, forming a whirling ball of magical energy with deadly cutting power.

Blade Beams: Alcander can charge his swords with green energy, sending out thin, explosive arcs of energy to strike his opponents.

Righteous Fury: By infusing a Minor Arcana youma with additional energy, Alcander can power up that youma significantly beyond its normal capabilities. However, this increased power is self-destructive, and the youma can only continue to battle for a short time before being overcome by the additional power, exploding violently and damaging anyone caught nearby.

(Section to provide information on any defining factors that do not fit in the previous sections.)

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Alcander tel-Kyrion

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Re: Alcander tel-Kyrion, The Hanged Man

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Let him wreak havoc! :3
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