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Figaro Adeptus | The Strategian

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Figaro Adeptus | The Strategian

Post by Figaro Adeptus on Wed Oct 15, 2014 11:36 am

Name Figaro Adeptus
Age 14
Gender Male
Birthdate: June 22
Birthplace/Planet Earth
Family Members None
Alignment Neutral
Pets/Guardians None
Goals Figaro's goals are shrouded in mystery, but if the truth were to be told, he just wants to know why he exists.
Motto "I'm always ten steps ahead. Try to keep up."
School Officially, Kouhai.

Figaro appears to be your average 14-year-old on the surface. When he's not in school (most of the time), he wears blue jeans and various t-shirts. His brown hair is always kept trimmed in a buzz cut. His mud brown eyes, and the rest of his face for that matter, never give away any emotion, and one can almost see the gears of his brain contsantly chugging if they stare at his eyes long enough. He also always carries a square-shaped backpack with him, but few have ever seen the contents.

First and foremost, Figaro is a genius. Actually, he's more intelligent than a genius. His IQ is officially registered as 500, though some suspect he's smarter than that. Figaro delights in outsmarting and outiwtting anyone, even more so when it's an entire group of people. One noted example is when he manipulated a group of about 10 kids to fight each other, as Figaro walked away laughing inside. He has a strong love of Chess, Go, Shogi, and other strategy games. He's beaten several masters and experts of the games. However, as one might guess, Figaro's social life is non-existent.

When he's taken off-guard, he does not panic, but rather takes the time to try and find a way to come out even, if not exactly on top. He tends to disregard emotions, so many ploys to try and anger him in order to make him slip up have failed. Also, potential romantic advances were ignored, much to the near heartbreak of the few that tried it. He will not allow himself to fall behind, or to remain behind. However, he is not above "tactical retreat", as he knows that losing the battle is sometimes necessary to win the war.

Highly intelligent
Expert Strategist
Flexibility (in thinking and planning)
Not afraid to retreat when he sees it's needed.

Physically weak
Doesn't acknowledge emotions

Strategy games

Figaro had a relatively normal childhood... until his parents found out about his vast intellect and tried to ship him off to a private school at the age of 3. He grew bored of the classes, and managed to plan his way out. After he was sent back home, his parents kept trying to take advantage of his intellect. At the age of 6, he staged the death of his parents. Ironically, they were killed by the police, who had been called to the manor of the Adeptus family. Since then, he has survived on his own, while trying to figure out what his purpose was in life.

Magical Information
Senshi/Knight/Hero/Villain Alias The Strategian
Senshi/Knight/Hero/Villain History He came up with the alias on his own after he found the henshin item in his parent's vault. In there was also a black bishop, but that didn't interest Figaro.
Henshin Item A metal pendant with the Japanese characters 軍師 (strategist, tactician, schemer)
Henshin Phrase "Think ahead! Strategy on!"
Weaponry A board that shows his opponents' moves as they make them.
Costume A black jumpsuit. It features a hood that covers his face entirely,and has a flowing cape on it as well. On the back of the cape are the same characters as on the pendant.
Attack(s) Since he has no actual weapon, Figaro manipulates chess figures in battle, each with their own characteristics. However, he is limited to having one summoned at a time, and cannot switch until the piece is defeated, except in one special circumstance.

Pawn- The weakest Piece at Figaro's disposal, but one of the most useful. The Pawn can only fire off weak energy attacks, but it does have the ability to replicate anyone and anything. While it doesn't gain the abilities or powers of the replicated one, it can behave exactly like them, and will fool many into thinking that they might actually harm their loved one. The Pawn can also promote itself to another piece, at the cost of the Pawn being lost, and a decent amount of Figaro's energy, depending on the piece.
Rook- The Rook is the strongest defensive piece at Figaro's disposal. The Rook doesn't have many attacks, but it can take a lot of damage. It can erect a wall that can block all but the most powerful of attacks. The Rook's only form of direct offense is in the form of energy arrows, which are only marginally stronger than the Pawn's. However, the Rook can also summon two stone dummies that can distract the foe. Figaro usually summons the Rook when he needs to escape, or to find the time plan a strategy.
Knight- The Bishop is Figaro's main method of attack. The Bishop is fast and a strong attacker. While weak physically, the Bishop has many energy-based attacks at its disposal. However, it cannot take much damage before being destroyed. Usually, the Bishop can move quick enough to evade most, but not all, damage from attacks that could potentially defeat it.
Queen- The Queen is, understandably, Figaro's ace-in-the-sleeve. It is the strongest and fastest of the Pieces, and is only outmached in durability by the Rook. The Queen is able to manipulate dimensional energy (essentially space). It can also amplify allies' attacks, and has several strong energy attacks of its own. The Queen's one weaknesss is that even Figaro might not see an attack from an odd angle, and all of its attacks attack in front of it.

[TL;DR: Pawn is the weakest, but most versatile. Rook can take a lot of damage, but can do very little offensively. Bishop is the main attacker, but cannot take much damage. Queen is the strongest, but has limited coverage of attacks and is susceptible to attacks from the sides or back.)

While he's officially enrolled in Kouhai, Figaro rarely attends classes, as he can teach all of his teachers more than they can teach him.

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Figaro Adeptus

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Re: Figaro Adeptus | The Strategian

Post by Aki Hoshikita on Wed Oct 15, 2014 3:14 pm

Have fun with him!
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