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Catalina --> The Empress.

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Catalina --> The Empress.

Post by Michiru Kaioh on Mon Nov 11, 2013 9:38 pm


Name: Catalina Dragomir
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Birthdate: November 3rd
Birthplace/Planet: Felek
Family Members: Her 20 other brethern that have come to this planet with her.
Alignment: The Tarot

--> To impress.
--> To collect Fortune Keys -- the most or best fortune keys, actually.
--> To endulge in all things. Experiance anything.
--> To be in control.

Motto: "You (ignorant) fool!"

"Life is all a game... and I'm going to be the winner."

School: Kouhai



While some may persuade you to not take appearances lightly, such a principle cannot be used for Catalina. While she may be beautiful, she is just as fiendish and mischevious as her appearance -- often manipulating others for her own selfish gain or merely for entertainment. It's quite simple, really. From her perspective, everything is a game... everything is a win-lose situation. She is very excellent in acting, pretending and decieving others to make them believe what she wants. Guranteed. if any weakness is exploited, she will definately take advantage of it and use it for her own intelligent, yet sometimes demented -- though, not usually murderous -- purposes.

Granted, she is promiscuous and flirty, and has had many consorts -- men and women, though mainly men -- in the past. She does not have a problem with taking what she believes is rightfully hers and will do what she pleases. Advancing or forcing herself on someone comes naturally, whether she truly finds them attrative or not. Though, it is to be noted that not all of her advances are a facade, and some she has truthfully felt and adhered to. But, whether those few were decieved or not remains disclosed.

Along with her need to be in control lies her self-conciousness. They are tied together, like yin and yang. Many years of life and many times of staying 'on top' has made Catalina portray that she is, indeed, arrogant and haughty. However, this is just a cover-up to how she really feels. Insecurity lurks beneath the exterior, which is why she is always so determined to win or remain in control of a situation. Without her constant control and manipulation, she feels as if she is nothing, and must keep taking advantage of people to feel worth something -- even if, sometimes, it means killing them. When she begins to lose or one begins to taunt her about losing, these true feelings conflict with her usual calm and coy demeanor, which triggers her angry and aggressive side. In the act of actually completely losing or becoming the victim instead of the dominater, however, these feelings would overwhelm her, and she would go into a nervous breakdown -- completely vulnerable and unhinged.


--> intelligent/witty
--> entchanting
--> good with body-language and figuring out weak points


--> Definately her insecurity.
--> Anger and aggression: the persistancy of idiots or stupid actions may cause Catalina to snap into her aggressive side. While she is succumbing to her aggression, her actions are mainly of instinct... which could cause her to lose a position of control.
--> Garlic -- for some reason, she is weakened by it. And, not only that, but it also oddly disables her powers.


--> Gardening
--> Acting
--> Flirting


Face Claim: Alice from PANDORA HEARTS.

Magical Information

Senshi/Knight/Hero/Villain Alias: The Empress
Senshi/Knight/Hero/Villain History:
Henshin Item: A red rose
Henshin Phrase:
~ Empress holds her arm out, palm facing the enemy, and a hurricane of red rose petals engulf the target.

(Section to provide information on any defining factors that do not fit in the previous sections.)

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