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General Rules

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General Rules

Post by Runa Nalid on Sat Aug 10, 2013 6:48 pm

All rules are subject to change or be added too if it calls for it.

  • This site is rated PG-13 and sticks to the Terms of Use. As PG-13 this site is 'beyond the boundaries of the PG rating in theme, violence, nudity, sensuality, language, or other contents, but does not quite fit within the restricted R category'

  • Please read these and take in consideration for others and yourself. If you have problems with anyone or anything please pm one of the staff members. We will help in all ways possible, again that is why we are here, we cherish all our members and all will be treated equally.

  • Along with the above the admins have final say, do not question the admin, when they say something is final.

  • When you join please have some knowledge base on Sailor Moon, since we are building off the StarS season and beyond, it would be helpful if you know the terms and characters that have been introduced into the Anime and the Manga.

  • To apply for a new character after being accepted with another. You must be regularly active for 2 weeks or have at least 10 role play post, with that said character.

  • Members who constantly break rules IC or cause problems OOC will be dealt with. Harassing, stalking, racism, and badmouthing is not okay.

  • Occasional swearing is fine. Just keep it to a minimum.

  • Try not to use OOC chat or bubbles inside of an IC thread. Use the PM system or chat to alert all those in the thread of any necessary changes.

  • Play Bys are not necessary though, for Play Bys, it's asked that art is used. Realistic, cartoon-ish or otherwise is fine. Please do not use Play Bys of real people. (i.e. Pictures of celebrities, models or random photos.)

  • No IC in the chatango.

  • Do not hide your identity via multiple usernames or pretend to be someone else.

  • Drama IC is fun. Drama in OOC will be dealt with by staff.

This rule is on hold until I can figure out how to fix it so we can have multiple accounts under one email.

  • Please register with your characters first name and last. So yes that means a separate account for each character, if you don’t we can easily change it, it’s not a big deal rule.

  • Posting is how things go round, we don't have a minimum word limit, but please give enough to post off of. Equality is always a nice thing.

  • For canon we have a 2 week rule, you need to post them and keep them in action and up to date, it is fair to everyone. Originals will be a 3 week rule, they are just as important, but we need everyone up to date and not inactive.

  • This goes with the rule above, if you can not post within the time frame given for any reason please post it in the away thread. If you are going on vacation or are going to be away for awhile you need to post there, so we all know, and we can go and skip you in the thread or decide what we should do. We don't ever want to hold someone or some bodies up, again it's the all fair rule.

  • Please use the spellcheck and use good grammer, I know we all are not perfect in this, I know myself is the worse in this aspect, but please try to check it. It really does help. Also just a little tip, write your posts in a word processer, like word pad or Microsoft word, open office and have it on auto save, makes those computer hiccups more tolerable when you don't have to rewrite an entire post because the computer wants to make you loose it.

  • Please keep closed threads on the down low. We want everyone to feel welcomed here and be accepted into any and all threads. If it is for plot purpose, please just pm a staff member, so we know.

  • Regarding romance~ well, this is a shoujo series after all, so we're all for some romance! Who doesn't love the lovely moments between Haruka and Michiru, or the bickering between Mamoru and Usagi (or Seiya and Usagi if you ship them). However, this is a PG site, so we would like to avoid any posts or threads that have involve any explicit sexual scenes. A kiss on the lips is fine, a full on blow job is a big no-no and it will be immediately deleted and you will be banned. (Maestro: I can read my own smut on my own time).

  • In addition to the above, we will not be allowing any romantic where there is a large age gap between the characters (or if there is a very obviously lolicon element to it). If you need to ask why... this rp probably isn't for you and you should look elsewhere. For characters who are between 13-18, we will a allow a 3-year gap. For those under 12, 2 year. For those 18 and over, go nuts. If you really feel the need to have to question this, then feel free to go and complain to Maestro.

  • Avatars
    If using an avatar, please be sure to not use a play by of a real person as stated in the rules above.
    Avatar should be no bigger than 150x200

  • Signatures
    Please make signatures no larger than 350x200. Try to use original work, if art is taken from elsewhere be sure to ask for permission, link to creator and give credit where credit is due.

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