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The Shifted: Animation Personified || PB || No WC|| 5+ month

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The Shifted: Animation Personified || PB || No WC|| 5+ month Empty The Shifted: Animation Personified || PB || No WC|| 5+ month

Post by Fate on Wed Oct 02, 2013 11:59 pm

The Shifted: Animation Personified || PB || No WC|| 5+ month Yw7

What if all the animated character we know and love were real?
What would happen if they were brought here
brought to reality?
What would happen if everything was... Shifted?

They are officially the Victims of Reality Displacement (VRD), those beings who have been pulled from their worlds, worlds that exist parallel to Earth, to this one. They call themselves the chosen, the fated, the unfortunate, the Shifted. When a character Shifts, they find someones waiting for them, someones wearing black suits and shaded glasses. These men and women are all smiles, all promises. They swear that they will take the Shifted to Tenebrae Estates, a gated community, a sanctuary where they can adjust to the new world and pick up what's left of their lives. Homes, jobs, education, even money is provided. But there are no answers, and it's "strongly suggested" that you never leave. Strange things happen there too, as the Shifted begin to find their old selves returning in bits and pieces. That's not mentioning the suits that patrol the estates, or the crazed experiments, or the strange animals, or the dozens of other things that prove that Tenebrae Estates is not what it seems. But it's still home...

  • The Shifted is a site with lasting power: over three months old and built from a community of RPers that have been together for years.
  • The Shifted is a friendly site: we welcome newcomers with open arms, always welcoming and accepting new people and new ideas.
  • The Shifted has an active, player-oriented plot. Join in with special events that react to your character or just experience life in Tenebrae Estates!
  • The Shifted is a site that accepts any and all animated characters. This means characters from the most obscure anime to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to Disney are all welcome, and are already here.
  • The Shifted is rated PG-13/1-2-1 on the RPG-rating scale.

A site so good, you'll never want to Shift


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