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Thrill of the Hour

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Thrill of the Hour

Post by Runa Nalid on Tue Oct 01, 2013 12:21 am

Runa was drifting from store to store, place to place, you could say she was bored. She had closed up the shop for today and now it was later in the day, the sun had gone down completely the flouresent lights eliminating the street. The woman felt out of sorts, it had been quiet uneventful even and the urge for excitement or thrill was in her, running through her blood.

She found herself, at the night club of Crystal Tokyo. Sitting at the bar on one of the stools, her mind was elsewhere under water maybe or on the beach. Could help with her tropical beverage, a small sigh escaping through her lips. The bartender offered her some darts, he said something about releasing her stress since she wouldn't talk about it, so she did just that. Scooting off the stool her black high low skirt drifting around her ankles. Her black corset tied gently in the front with a silvery blue ribbon that swayed as she walked. She took one dart and rolled it in between her fingers, she wasn't sure about this, but she would try. Pulling her arm up she eyed the board, throwing the dart with a short toss and flick of her wrist, she hit the edge of the board. Her eyes narrowed, as she threw another, flying it hit the opposite edge of the board, sighing slightly ”Why does this count as fun.... it isn't that exciting...”

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