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In the Name of the Moon

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In the Name of the Moon Empty In the Name of the Moon

Post by Xalcen on Mon Sep 23, 2013 11:01 pm

In the Name of the Moon Nameofmoon

Long ago, thousands of years in the past.....

There was a time called the Silver Millennium. It was a wonderful time for the mostpart, full of life and beauty. It was blissful. At least until The Prince of Earth fell in love with the Moon Princess. Queen Beryl, a sorceress of the time, did not like that and manipulated a large fight to try and get Endymion, the Prince of Earth, to herself. The battle was one that cost everyone dearly. In her final moment, Queen Serenity used the Silver Crystal to reincarnate them in the future, flinging them through time and space. The Moon Kingdom has since disappeared, not even a trace left.

Now in the present......

It would appear as though Metallia, the entity that granted Beryl power, is Awakening. She desires to rule all. The Sailor Senshi must awaken and put a stop to it and find the Moon Princess again.


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