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Mysterious (Detective Conan/Case Closed)

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Mysterious (Detective Conan/Case Closed) Empty Mysterious (Detective Conan/Case Closed)

Post by Vermouth on Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:29 am

Mysterious (Detective Conan/Case Closed) Adbanner_forum

Mysterious is set in 2012 Beika City, Tokyo, Japan—a city in which the mundane and mysterious entwine effortlessly. While Beika's citizens mostly focus on work, education, their families and building relationships, homicides and serious crime isn't a new thing to them. Even the police have found themselves even busier in the bustling metropolis with the return of the illusionist jewel thief.

However, Japan isn't all that it seems—its criminal underground is far more dangerous than it appears. A criminal organization known by its pseudonym the Black Organization exists in the shadows, engaging in dangerous activities which pose a threat to the mankind.

The FBI, CIA and MI6 have all engaged in a battle of wits against the Black Organization without even the Japanese being informed, duty-bound to infiltrate and take them down in absolute secrecy by any means necessary. However, with this shroud of mystery that exists in every government agencies involvement in the organization's takedown, it seems that the road ahead is filled with various obstacles and hardships.

  • Inspired by various classic detective fiction and spy films.
  • No word count.
  • An easy to integrate, dynamic plot.
  • Knowledge of Detective Conan/Case Closed isn't required to play, and neither is knowledge of Japan.
  • Accepts characters of any ethnicity, nearly any occupation, all age groups, and encourages diversity.
  • Accepts original characters, wanted ads and canons.
  • All of our factions are "learn as you go" friendly!
  • Uses real life play-bys; play-bys are also optional.
  • Rated L3-S2-V3.


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