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Nebulae Shittenou

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Nebulae Shittenou

Post by Runa Nalid on Sat Aug 10, 2013 5:07 pm

Nebulae Shittenou are males with gifted magical powers that not only serve King Endymion, but are also important and influential figures on their own planet. They can be princes, knights, magicians, anything of the like.

Shittenou work in a very similar way that senshi would, except for instead of being named after planets or space objects, they are named after various minerals and gemstones. They can tend light,  dark or neutral. For Shittenou who wishes to be the knight for a senshi that already exist, they must ask the player directly if it would be possible. (For example, if there is a Sailor Aquila, and you wish for your Shittenou to be her brother or knight, then you must contact them first or vice versa).

Here is a list  of minerals that you can use as a guide. Any minerals already taken will appear on this list below. If you're looking for something a bit more 'mystical' to help as well, here are metaphysical and healing meanings of gemstones and minerals. Link 1 Link 2

Nebulae Shittenou

Jian Kansugi
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