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Milada Atsiel

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Milada Atsiel

Post by Milad Atsiel on Sun Sep 08, 2013 11:12 pm

Name: Milada Atsiel

Age: 675

Gender Female

Birthdate: Fifth Year Before King Atsiel, sometime in the fall season

Birthplace/Planet Drapud

Family Members King Atsiel: Her honored father, ruler of Drapud
Milica: Her strong mother, one of King Atsiel’s most trusted bodyguards
Siblings: Thirty-one siblings, and she knows the names of them all
Duke Agares: Her husband, the duke of a neighboring plot of land and ally of King Atsiel
Mara of Agares: Her first born daughter
Senna of Agares: Her younger daughter

Alignment Neutral

Pets/Guardians None


  • For her daughters to become wonderful women
  • remove her husband from the living world
  • Keep Drapud from imploding on itself
  • Keep her siblings safe

Motto “Must I deal with these idiots?”

School Teacher at Tengoku-Teki

Under her human guise, Milad has sleek, straight waist-length hair in a vivid red shade. She has short bangs that she parts to the right and two locks of hair fall past her collar bone, while the rest falls neatly down her back. Whenever she’s working, Milad puts it up in a high ponytail with a yellow clasp she received from an admirer, a long time ago. She has bright green eyes and stern, but oddly delicate features. Suffice to say, she looks more like her mother’s side of the family, but she shares many characteristics of her father’s and tends to resemble her siblings. She’s shorter than most of her siblings at 5’6’’ but she carries herself very professionally, which makes her seem taller. Milad only wears the most proper clothes that flatter her body, yet still low-key. Her clothes are tailored for ultimate comfort and disaster-proof, just in case something happens. Though Milad doesn’t accessorize besides the two studs she keeps in her ears, she has a grey bracelet with a large blue jewel in it. In addition to being pretty, the jewel doubles as a magical compartment which contains the Eye of Atsiel.

In her natural form, Milad is a beautiful, yet deadly creature. Her appearance is not too far removed from humans and many of her facial features are shared in both forms. Though she isn’t any taller in her demon form, Milad is a lot heavier with most of her body being constructed of nearly impenetrable armor. Her armor is a light pink/lavender color with glowing hot pink designs littered throughout. Even her hair has become as hard as armor. Though she would much rather be in her natural form with the armor all over her body, Milad can flatten her armor and make it a part of her skin. It keeps everyone from making jokes about her walking around nude. Her skin is a dark purplish grey color and on her face is a pink and blue tattoo that runs down her right eye. Most distinctive are her eyes, though green in her human form, have glowing red-violet irises and violet sclera. In addition to protecting her, the armor on her legs, arms and hair doubles as deadly blades.

Docile and coldly beautiful appearance aside, Milad is very, brutally honest and straight to the point. She doesn’t believe in sugar-coating, being merciful or even being kind to others; Milad’s as cold, tough and hard as a diamond. She approaches everything with a crisp business-like demeanor, even when dealing with her family. As one of Atsiel’s most trusted advisors, Milad is diplomatic, cool and able to stay collected even in high stress situations. She’s a skilled negotiator and strategist, but she has a flair for the dramatic and tends to make really convoluted plans and ideas that don’t make any logical sense. Sometimes the most logical ideas seem to just fly out of her head, yet she is intelligent and her plans do work by the grace of some greater force. She has a reputation for being ruthless and cutthroat, even for a war general. She loves being in control and having power over others, but she hates being in the spotlight. Even with her power-hungry ways, Milad is rather dependable and she always gets the job done, no matter what means necessary.

Though she’s automatically on a side because of her name and family, Milad prefers to be neutral. Her loyalties are as concrete as a pile of shifting sand, but she’s smart. Whenever she can, she always sides with the winning team. Though she’s more concerned with ending up on top than the morals and conduct of her allies, she tends to throw in her lot with her family. She’d say because they’re the strongest and/or smartest, but really she likes to make sure they succeed. She likes to play the field and whenever there’s conflict, if you dig really really really deeply, you’d find Milad had a hand in helping both sides, basically ensuring her success. Milad is a woman of relatively few words, but she can be quite talkative when she wants to be. Hidden under her cold demeanor is a great care and compassion for those she cares about, amplified by motherhood, but she’s still very stand-offish. She would do anything for her loved ones, as long as she doesn’t end up dying.

Hand to hand combat
Cool- headed

Her family

Controlling others
Eating out

Five demon years before the rule of King Atsiel but many many many human years before he came into power, Milad was born out of an illicit affair between Atsiel and a foot soldier of the current  king at the time, Milica. Milad spent much of her childhood thinking the king was her father, as the former king was known to lie with his subjects and those who worked for him. Since childhood, Milad had always been brighter than others her age, and the king, thinking she was his daughter as well, took her in as his heir and made sure she had the best schooling possible. As the next in line, Milad mingled and made connections with the other nobles, including her future husband and Atsiel. Though young at only 50, she proved to be a bit too smart for her own good as she correctly deduced that he was her true father and that he was planning a coup. Though the king had raised her as his daughter, she quickly turned on him and ensured the throne for her true father.

The coup had angered many and in an attempt to hurt the man who had stolen power so suddenly, Milad became the target of many assassination attempts. The numerous attempts on her life did nothing but make her a formidable fighter and averse to showing any kind of physical or emotional weakness, lest she lose the upper hand. For her role in the coup, Milad was promoted to one of Atsiel’s personal advisor; despite her knowledge, she wasn’t exactly a war general though she spent most of her time discussing military strategies with them. She also wasn’t an ambassador, despite creating alliances with other nobles and territory holders. She was more like his right hand, she gave him advice whenever he needed and he trusted her to make good decisions in his stead. This continued for several centuries until Atsiel decided she was more useful elsewhere.

The Duke of Agares was an incredibly powerful lord who controlled a sizeable plot of land right on the border of Atsiel’s. He was the only lord who had not allied himself and it was beginning to make everyone nervous. The two were equal in nearly every way and in order to prevent a possible loss in an upcoming war, Milad was used as a bargaining chip. If the Duke of Agares allied himself with her father, then he would gain the beautiful Milad’s hand in marriage. Suffice to say, they ended up getting married, though Milad continued her work with her father’s lands in addition to her husband’s kingdom. She eventually had two daughters, Mara and Senna, but that didn’t slow her down and they became a common sight, often trailing after their mother as she did one thing or the next.

Just when things got as idyllic as demon life could get, Milad’s younger brother Fitz staged a coup. Since seizing rule seemed to be an Atsiel family trait, Milad gave Fitz a few men and resources to see what he would do with them. Of course he failed at killing their father, but he was a bit more tenacious than she thought and his little coup had exploded into a full out war. Feeding both sides men and information, things dragged out a bit, before another one of her younger brothers managed to defeat Fitz all on his own.  She managed to see all of her siblings semi-regularly, but Milad had never paid much attention to Eridani, as he was so much younger than she was, a brat and half-human to boot. But with his defeat of Fitz, she, as well as their father, started to watch Eridani more and once he went off to Earth for the Grimoire, Milad had orders to watch him.

Magical Information

Senshi/Knight/Hero/Villain Alias Lady

Henshin Item The Eye of Atsiel embedded in a bracelet she wears on her wrist.

Henshin Phrase A phrase uttered in her mother’s ancient tongue

Weaponry As a demon, Milad was taught to fight dirty, using whatever she got her hands on as a weapon. But, demons like Milad have weapons built
into their bodies as blades on her arms and legs.


Demon’s Verdict: Milad uses the tendrils of her hair to grab the opponent and swing them into several hard surfaces before throwing them away.

Double Slash of Fury: As the trails on her body start to glow, Milad slashes the enemy with energy from the blades on her arms.

Divine Wrath: The pink glowy trails on her body glow to nearly blinding and she charges at the enemy in a kamikaze slash of blades and energy-blades.

Protection: Milad’s hair-armor wraps around her in a cocoon like shield. While cocooned,  she’s unable to attack or move until she drops her hair or the shield is broken.


  • She's the oldest known Atsiel sibling.
  • She's also really pretty. Prettier than Eri

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Re: Milada Atsiel

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Like the changes and the fact that she's a teacher. CAN'T WAIT TO HARASS.
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