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Nixie Atsiel // Undine

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Nixie Atsiel // Undine

Post by Nixie Atsiel on Wed Sep 04, 2013 7:24 pm

Name Nixie Atsiel
Age 70 but appears 17
Gender Female
Birthdate:The twentieth year under King Atsiel
Birthplace/Planet Drapud
Family Members
Mother:A young queen of the coldest region of the planet Drapud, being the commander of the militia for that same region.

Father:The Demon King Atsiel

Siblings:She has twenty- two other half brothers and sisters, to whom she isn’t the closest with even the ones who are full blooded brother and sisters.
Alignment Neutral
Pets None
GoalsTo collect Essence and the book.
Motto“That’s what I want you to think.”
School Tengoku Teki

True form:
Nixie hair reaches hair thighs in a blueberry indigo color, her bangs form her face creating a large windows peak which falls to the tip of her nose, with stands along the sides of her face. On the sides of her head, large black horns come out and curl to the middle of her forehead in sharp points. Her eyes are ice blue in color with almost sliver like pupils, her sclera is black. Her eyes lined with thick black lashes adding to her feminine appeal. Her ears are long and pointed, many would say much like elf ears.
Nixie’s skin is colored in a powder blue, curving in the right places, with large breast, then torso, and large hips. Her lower back she has a set of black bat wings coming from the middle of her back, with a span of seven feet, along with a black tail about five feet in length with a barbed end. She stands 6’2 in this form just slightly taller than her disguised form.

Nixie has midnight blue hair falling to her thighs, her bangs are positioned wildly, never in a neat order. Her eyes are an ice blue in colored, medium almond shaped lined with thick black lashes. Her lips are pump with an ice hue to them.
She stands about 5’11, towering over most females, her built is strong but she is easily flexible with her training. Her hour glass like shape holds true to her demonic form, overly large chest and hips. Her skin holds a caramel tone to it unusual in the world of Tokyo. She normally wears short blue jean shorts with a simple baby doll top with a different word of phrase in Kanji each day.

Nixie is a whole hearted female, she is bubbly and flirtatious. Usually always in a happy go lucky mood, she tends to set the vibe in the party or really were ever she goes. She hates seeing someone unhappy by any means. Which never really helped with her other sisters and brothers since they are all more serious and boring. She wants to be the life of the party. She will help when people are in need, she doesn’t see the fit of just being mean to people, unless its business. Now if its business that is another story, but if you aren’t you should be so stuck up and unhappy.

On the other hand, when Nixie gets mad, she usually gets furious there is no gray area, it’s either happy or furious. She doesn’t usually cry, but she will yell, kick, scream, and throw anything in sight. She also holds large grudges so it wouldn’t be the right thing to get on her bad side to hurt her. She might act nice but she will never forget and maybe just maybe kill you in kindness.

During work and business Nixie is a bit more serious, very serious. She won’t let anyone interrupt her in work. She will bluntly ignore you and she really could care less if you aren’t part of the plan don’t bother her. If you do something stupid during business these usually ends up with her throwing things at you or you against the wall. Naturally she will work alone and likes it this way, working alone is the best way to go, while parting is the way to go with a group.

Sneaking Around

Doesn’t back down
Working in groups

Motor Bike Riding


Nixie was born to a militia commander soon promoted queen of the ice lands, her father being the great demon king Atsiel. Nixie grew to follow in her mother’s footsteps, but unlike her mother she wasn’t good with full force brute combat. She wasn’t good with large weapons either, she tend to do well with the smaller weapons, such as daggers and ice needles.

Nixie grew up training with her other siblings, which all tend to hate her bubbly attitude even her mother did. But when it came down to business Nixie excelled in the rogue category. This surprised her brute forced mother, since no one in the family had those capabilities. So Nixie was on her own to learn, she would sneak around the mansion ease dropping on her mother and her battle captain, she was only caught once by one of her bigger brothers who ratted her out to their mother hopefully to get rid of her.

Nixie soon grew and became the first spy of the ice region; she went out in scouting trips and tests within the world. She trained on each of these things not letting her other siblings bring her down since they were all brute force. Naturally she wouldn’t let this bother her she loved her own unique ability. She had many lovers in her life but they were all quickly tossed away, until she met a human. He was working as a Guardian to one of the rulers of a planet she frequented, passing it as she left to do her job and passing to make it back home. The bar was were they met every single time she went. She grew fond of him, but when they were getting intimately close and when he found out she was more then what she appeared, her father ruled more then what she ever thought, he took out against her almost killing her, she receive a large gash in her side for this, but she scrambled away. One of her older siblings had seen them and before she knew it the male lay dead at her feet, she wasn't sure if she feared what was going to happen, or that her lover had been dead at her feet.

Her sibling didn't take much notice of what or who, it was, since they were drunk enough to not notice. Nixie scampered out of sight and away. She had to stay away from everything for awhile, she stayed in a quiet village on this planet for a few months, recollecting herself, but the time she  made it back home, she was hired as an assassin to kill off others from other planets, though when she was about to go to feed this task. Her father told her to scout out the land beyond the sea of stars and to take care of her other task at hand, before coming back.

Nixie's mission was on that planet where her lover used to be from, she was instructed to assassinate the kingdoms mage, since he was causing havoc for everyone. Cheating the villagers out of their money, so the king saw it right to get rid of him. Nixie wandered the city for a few months of where this mage was located following his tracks, finding out that he was very popular with the people here and their king, since he was bringing the money to him so he can buy out another system nearby. So Nixie set up the plan and he was dead the next day with an ice shard through his neck. Then after her task was finished Nixie's wound reopened on her side, from a knife the mage had slipped into her side. She took out and followed where some of these people fled, hoping it was somewhere close, the people who held that hatred in their heart of the planet Felek. Only to find out it was a decoy that she had killed, her anger raged. Soon they reached Earth, she scented one of her brothers here and she was unsure, what he was doing, so she was here to find him and cause complete chaos for the boy and heal her wounds.

Magical Information
History See Above
Henshin ItemThe Eye of Atsiel, which also is used for giving her a disguise and language translator.
Henshin Phrase“Unforgiving Waters’ of Darkness, Consume my body.”
Weaponry None
OutfitA plum and gold body armor revealing her chest, stomach, and thighs with large gold spikes decorating her armor on her over the knee boots and gloves. Her armor consists of a bodice, gloves, boots, and a choker with a large green gem on it.
Ice Shards- Nixie simply flicks her wrist and shards of ice pierce through the air at her enemy, causing a searing cold paper cut.

Water Bubbles- She holds her hand toward her enemy, pointing on finger toward her enemy smirking, she does the little finger wag and bubbles flow from behind her, shaped like hearts. This heads to her enemy, floating around them like innocent bubbles, but once they touch the skin an acid latches on and burns their skin.

Soul Fader- Nixie moves quickly almost in the speed of sound, behind her enemy. Causing bubbles to form around herself and her enemy, moving around to the front of her enemy, she places her face near theirs and slowly sucks energy from their life force. This attack is only used for when she needs the energy for a much larger attack. The enemy usually is slightly drained out of this.

Waters Darkened Sympathy- This is where that extra energy is needed. Holding her hands toward the sky, palms upward. Her eyes glow a crimson red, as the sky opens up in a black rain. Kicking her leg outward she charges at her enemy, with a sphere of black water growing in size, as she reaches her enemy she slams her own body against them shoving the black water into their body. This causes the enemy a searing pain and tends to stay cold for a while after battle. Sort of like a temporary frost bite.

The Best Atsiel Sister Ever.

Player: Siren

Nixie Atsiel

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Re: Nixie Atsiel // Undine

Post by Dune Nazakato on Wed Sep 04, 2013 7:52 pm

Oh dear lord. It's Nixie.

Eh,what the hell.


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