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Jeff Solaris

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Jeff Solaris

Post by Jeff Solaris on Tue Aug 27, 2013 7:12 pm

Name Jeff Solaris
Age Seventeen
Gender Male
Race: Narrikian
Birthdate: 5/13
Birthplace/Planet Sunset City, Narrikia
Family Members Apollo Solaris-Dad, Emperor of the Narrikians. Elena Solaris-Mother, Empress. James Solaris-Younger brother. Prince of Setus Prime.
Alignment Chaotic Good
Pets/Guardians  None  
Goals 1. Prove though trials on Earth he is worthy to be prince. 2. Earn his dads respect.
Motto "Mess with the dragon you get the flame."
School  Kouhai

The outfit worn by Jeff consists of materials made to resist his enhanced strength. The first part of his outfit is a nomex Jacket made to appear to be red leather and feel like it. This is worn over a white tank top underneath it that is also made out of heavy but not quite as heavy as the Nomex type materials and is fire retardant. The blue jeans are made out of a fabric that is designed to conform to the body and allow ease of movement while providing maximal durability and sustainability in running. The jeans breathe unlike other jeans. The boots of course are black and are steel toed. 

Jeff appears to be albino skinned and has crimson red colored hair. His eyes are golden colored. There are no tattoos save one of a Phoenix on his right shoulder. Jeff has no visible markings as he usually keeps all of them covered by the jacket. There is a scar on his left arm from a training incident. Jeff stands at 5"5 and weighs 170 lbs. Jeff also has a gem stone in his forehead like most Narrikians and his is a ruby. It is usually covered with a hat. Red lines of energy appear like tattoos across his body but are not tattoos. They glow when he uses his abilities. 

When in battle form Jeff stands at 5"6 and weighs about 185 lbs.  Red and black body armor covers him completely. An X shaped strap is across the chest area of the armor. Armored gauntlets are also worn over a black and silver body suit.  There is no cape but there is a sheath for a katana.  This form has an insignia of a Phoenix on the chest of it.

Jeff Solaris has always been deemed what people could call Chaotic Good even from an early age. The swordsmanship lessons of his dad gave him some sense of honor meaning he was willing to protect the innocent. Still Jeff has sort of a look out for #1 mentality and views himself as #1 and all others as second. While arrogant he is willing to save people and the day most of the time.

Still sometimes he will refuse or let others handle it. Jeff is fiercely loyal to those who have befriended him. This means he will protect them no matter what the problem happens to be unless he cannot. Jeff also knows when to admit defeat and when to flee and will act accordingly in those situations. Jeff is most likely not to become humanitarian of the year as he does have issues of anger and a hard time controlling his temper. When someone attacks his friends they better have filled their will out. For Jeff can be quite relentless against those he deems as enemies.

Due to this Jeff can be manipulated sometimes into attacking people that are supposed to be his allies by groups of evil.  It is a weakness he is learning to overcome.
Melee Combat

Long Range Combat



Born on the planet of Narrikia during a great war Jeff was one of three hairs to his dad who happened to be the Emperor. Apollo Solaris had him as a child with Elena Solaris his wife. Both of them were pure blooded Narrikians. When he was born enemy forces came to the planet and launched an attack. The enemy forces were called the Suvian and they invaded.

The Narrikians fought long and hard and eventually drove the Suvian away studying the advanced sciences they had used and preparing for another invasion. The sciences were studied and weapons were made to combat them made out of technology.

Soldiers began to be trained and when Jeff was six he volunteered to be one of the ones educated in the use of the new weaponry. Equipped with a Shift Gun and a combat knife he was sent into the wilderness to survive.

Jeff came back 2 years later more skilled than he had been in the past at survival. From there his real education began as he was taught the art of fighting with weapons such as katanas and similar so he could better protect himself.

When the education in the way of the sword ended several expert marksmen took Jeff and taught him how to handle the Shift Gun properly. His dad then started work on a special weapon to grant to his son when he was deemed ready.

While his dad worked on personal battle armor for the people Jeff was sent away and studied under hand to hand experts. The hand to hand experts pushed him hard, but Jeff learned to use his hands and feet as deadly weapons. About 5 years passed and he mastered the hand to hand styles they taught. The next form of education would be vehicular so he could learn to pilot and drive most Narrikian vehicles so he could be able to go places and do things on his own. Jeff returned to Narrikia and Apollo had fallen ill. For 3 months he took over the throne.

When Apollo recovered Jeff was taken to a place. A gauntlet was taken out and he was told about the proud heritage the Narrikians called their own. It was agreed that he would learn to use the power his dad had once used in order to help others. So when Apollo discovered Earth and how it was plagued on a regular basis by evil... Jeff was sent from a distant solar system because of the problems that seemed to crop up on Earth.

Upon arriving he enrolled, but kept the secret of his origin.
Magical Information
Senshi/Knight/Hero/Villain Alias Shrike
Senshi/Knight/Hero/Villain History  The noble warrior Shrike of Narrikia is a power passed down  and usually from father to son.  Jeff got his when he was almost 18 because his dad wanted to put it off as long as possible.
Henshin Item Gauntlet.
Henshin Phrase  "The history of my people. The legends of the past. I call you forth. "

Weaponry Red Metal Katana, Laser Pistol.
FukuWhen in battle form Jeff stands at 5"6 and weighs about 185 lbs.  Red and black body armor covers him completely. An X shaped strap is across the chest area of the armor. Armored gauntlets are also worn over a black and silver body suit.  There is no cape but there is a sheath for a katana.  This form has an insignia of a Phoenix on the chest of it.

Energy Orb: One of the most used attacks in the arsenal of Jeff. First he generates an orb about the size of a basket ball of red energy. The orb is then grabbed and thrown. It homes in on a single enemy and does a fair amount of damage.  4 post cool down.

V-Slash: A V Shaped wave of energy will be shot out of his sword. This does a fair amount of damage. 3 post cool down.

Warp: Jeff can 'warp' a short distance. Really though he is pushing his speed and strength to the maximum limits even with the enhancements of a transformation.  This can last for 5 posts at a time with a 10 post cool down.

Back Slash:  Using the ability of Warp he will arrive near an opponent and cut them as he trails past all of them by running. This does a medium amount of damage. 3 post cool down.  

(Section to provide information on any defining factors that do not fit in the previous sections.)

Player: Shrike
Chatango luciendolos

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Re: Jeff Solaris

Post by Aki Hoshikita on Wed Aug 28, 2013 9:58 pm

So there are a few things here, as we mentioned.

-We are going to have to ask for you to take out the "Once he had upgraded it the Narrikians intercepted a transmission from Earth. The transmission was video of some of the fights of the Senshi." It's a bit god moddy over the canon senshi, especially since they're quite far into the future now. Same with the hacking.

-I might suggest having the Narrikians be from another solar system, as the canon has already established the planets, etc. Also, considering that the earth rotates around the sun, along with many other planets, it is rather confusing to say "Live on the other side of the sun". Though they can still learn about Earth and about the boarding school, etc. That part is fine.

-The term “powerful enough to take out a tank” is highly over powered in literal speaking. Yes most of the attacks used this Sailor Moon could take out a tank but we are fighting aliens/humans so that would make it seem like this attack could blow a being to oblivion, and most attacks in Sailor Moon do not kill youma/humans/aliens in one shot. I would suggest taking out that phrase and saying what kind of damage it can do as the other player says how much it can do as the other players say how much (with a few exceptions).

-For Aura Surge, please add a time limit to how long he would be able to increase the length and speed.

Thank you for your patience.
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Re: Jeff Solaris

Post by Aki Hoshikita on Wed Aug 28, 2013 10:40 pm


Thank you for making the required changes. Since you are still new to SM, we suggest looking up the Sailor Moon Wiki for more information. We follow mostly info from the Manga and Anime and to also look at our own database of info about Crystal Tokyo, etc.
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Re: Jeff Solaris

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