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Cora Sinclair // The High Priestess

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Cora Sinclair // The High Priestess

Post by Cora Sinclair on Sun Aug 25, 2013 5:14 pm

Name Cora Sinclair (Maiden of the Holy Light)
Age 17
Birthdate November 3rd
Family Members Father: Lord Islinis; a bookkeeper on Felek
Mother: Retired High Priestess Alisn
Alignment The Tarot
To collect the Fortune Keys
To out run the Royals on the planet
Rebirth the way things used to be
Motto “You will not get away” “Scales are only there to attract you dimwitted gentlemen”
School Tengoku Teki Boarding School

Cora has deep tan skin, which she holds year round, her hair is naturally auburn red, but right now the ends are dyed black, because she tried that out for awhile, her hair is about waist length and in loose curls sometimes it is held up in pig tails with navy blue bows. Her eyes are a tiny hint of sky blue and a blue sapphire, holding a deep mysterious look, but a tiny bit playful and tempting to talk to her.

Her clothing style various, she enjoys tight fitting pants and tank top's to show off her arms, you will barely see her in long sleeved clothing unless its really cold outside. She wears simple plain jewelry and simple peach and pink make-up, nothing being too abnormal about her, though she does have a tattoo of an Egyptian Cobra on her left arm, with a pale blue veil that drapes nicely near the snake and up her shoulder and across her back, with stars, moons, and zodiac signs hanging from it, going down her back.

Cora is very calm, she seems almost distant and never in this world. She is deep in thought most of the time but it doesn't mean she isn't listening to everything. When something perks her interest she does say something. She isn't too shy but when she knows she doesn't know something particularly well she does shy away a bit, like around new food and events. She usually seems spacey along with the deep in thought, but she has her reasons.

Her calmness is not broken easily, it takes a lot and a lot of badgering to make her break, but even though she has developed the kill you with kindness attitude. Even being spacey she isn't that gullible, unless its something that could possibly be very close to the truth. When she is saddened or upset over something she usually gives the silent treatment, the complete opposite when she is angered. Doing her wrong will be an automatic grudge for life and you know how venomous stings can hurt.

Hard to Anger

Cold weather
Dehydrates quickly
Always hungry

Collecting Seashells
Volunteering at the Aquarium

Cora was born to the bookkeeper of Felek and High Priestess of that time. Even though the priestess was not supposed to be mated with another the Holy power had left her body and was sealed away. She chose this fate as the last battle she was in, her tower was severely injured and she could not battle any longer loosing her eyes sight and her right arm. The king deemed this unholy and the child was not blessed.

This did not stop Cora's parents from having her and raising her deep on the other side of the planet, they remained hidden. Raising Cora, was the best thing in her mothers life, even though she knew the child would take on the role as a High Priestess it was in their blood, but she would keep her hidden for now. Cora grew up like a normal Naga, she was loved, spoiled, being their only child. Her mother home-schooled her and taught her, told her about the great battles and wars.

At the age of 10 her body was going through its rights of passage and her mother trained her and taught her the Holy Book of Felek. Her father had taken from the main city, as Cora trained her strength grew, she felt hatred toward the King, her mother and father tried to make her think differently but that anger never left. Once she reached their, adult hood she went to study at one of the small villages temples, but she was teased and over thrown with her being one of the damned, but as the planet started to go to war again, certain people trying to over throw the King, Cora was up in the lines. She was going to show she had power, the temple she was thrown from, crumbled to her feet. The blackness had covered her heart, The Teller saw this, they had been watching the young maiden. A few days from her 16th birthday, The Teller came and told her to join forces with them, they were going to show this planet who was wrong and they were going o find their fortune and bring it back. The darkened Priestess followed, much with her parents disapproval but they knew there was nothing they could do.

Magical Information
Villain Alias The High Priestess
Villain History The High Priestess usually stayed protecting the temple, which held the secrets of the planet and a few fortune orbs and the fortune keys of the royals along with their royal guard. Among the temple secrets lay hidden that these priest and priestess had to hide and keep hidden. The High Priestess being the last obstacle to pass, only few ever made it to her, but none ever made it pass her. With her leaving the place is being lead by an imposter to make people believe there is something there, but it is no where near as strong as the High Priestess.
Henshin Item A Tarot card of the High Priestess on the back is a roman numeral two. She wears this in her right eat, it is fairly small, to look normal.
Henshin Phrase “The Mysterious will now be unveiled, break the dead water.”
Weaponry Her tail of course.
Outfit The High Priestess, wears a thin gold wire around her forehead, coming from that wire at spirals of 18 gauge wire, which goes along her hair and creates a pedestal, this pedestal is shaped like baby Egyptian Cobra, for the crescent moon, which is gold. Navy blue and sky blue flat beads are wrapped around this moon, and from the top point they dangle two strands of two red circular beads. She has a white genie veil across her lips and nose, with blue beads attaching it to her ears and the gold wire around her head. She wears a navy blue and sky blue flat bead necklace, with a speckle of only two red circle beads mixed in randomly, ranging from 3 rows, and the beads are 2 inches in width. Around her bust is golden armored breast cups. In the middle of each is a white cross. She wears a white cape, with a white hood, lined with blue, on the outside and on the back is a golden cross. Along her tail, she has a red chain-maile that forms into diamonds and almost like a skirt which comes up in the front like a split and clasps together in front by a gold cross.

Holy Whip Lash- The High Priestess' tail glows gold, the energy running high, her tail twitches and the energy lashes out like a whip to hit the enemy leaving a burning sensation and possibility to be tied up.

Blinding Light- Holding up her hands, she creates an orb of water, the orb starts to glow gold. Closing her eyes, the orb starts to get violently shaky in between her hands as the water starts to thrash around more. Opening her eyes, they shoot a beam of energy into the orb and the orb lashes out and heads toward her enemy, exploding and causing a blinding light and a hard tidal like crash of water.

To Hell and Back- She places her palms together, spreading them out a black rip in the air space between her palms. Her tail twitches a bit, before the portal opens up more, reaching in, her hands seem to disappear, but they actually appear behind her enemy where another portal opened. She tries to pull them through and causes them to be stuck in this portal, momentarily before being released as she hits it with her tail, causing it to shatter. This attack is used to create fear or momentarily get rid of something in the way to the prize. It is possible to get half way stuck.

Priestess' Kiss- Her body glows gold, as she pulls her hands up , energy from the sky pours onto her body looking like sand, from this position her tail starts to thrash around, and she whips the sand at her enemy.
Summoning Minor Tarot- She can summon minor tarot cards to do her bidding, until the real time to fights ensues, or to distract the idiots so she can take the fortune keys.

The High Priestess is a Naga, her lower half of her body is scaled and long, like a snake. She holds the colors of navy blue, powder blue, her scales at the end foot or two her scales change from blue to gold. The top half of her body keeps that tan skin, but tattoo's appear on her arms and stomach. Her eyes holding a golden color, with a tiny black sliver for her pupil. Standing up, she reaches 10 feet tall, intimidating feature of the High Priestess.

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Re: Cora Sinclair // The High Priestess

Post by Aki Hoshikita on Sun Aug 25, 2013 6:26 pm


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