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Dune Nazakato

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Dune Nazakato

Post by Dune Nazakato on Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:53 pm

Name: Dune Tyrius Nazakato (Deadly Straights of the Dragon Queen’s Bewitching Flower Garden)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Birthdate: July 22.
Birthplace/Planet: Aesir
Family Members:
Ymir Nazakato- Alive
Sophia Odinson-Nazakato- Deceased
Belmont Nazakato- Alive
Angel Nazakato- Alive
Alignment:  Good
Pets/Guardians: Fenny-kins.
Goals:  To survive the weird planet that is Earth!
School: Tengoku-Teki~!
Motto: "Just try and stop me!"

Dune stands 6 foot even, weighting about 180 pounds. He has a light tan and the build of a track athlete. Not too much muscle, but enough to get him by. Most people don't take his size seriously. His distinct red hair is cut short on the back, but he lets his bangs hang wildly in front of his eyes. The most striking feature, aside from his hair, is his eyes. With the right eye colored violet, and the left green, Dune is definitely someone you don't usually forget. He tends to prefer comfortable clothing over practical or formal. A typical outfit of his consists of a black and white cotton track jacket, a pale olive green t-shirt, a pair of fairly loose dark blue jeans, and a pair of black skater shoes with neon green laces. Beneath the clothing ,Dune has the tattoo of a wolf encased in flames over his heart. It is the symbol of his and Fenrisulfr's bond.
[align=center]Dune reference.[/align]

When one thinks of Fenrir, they think of a wolf. Dune's counterpart is a bit different. Fenrir stands well over eight feet tall,with the appearance more along the lines of a dragon or wyvern,than a wolf. Sturdy blue and gold scales cover his body, while black-gold fur covers his chest,backs of his muscular legs,and along the back of his neck. Two horns, looking as if they form a sort of broken halo jut out from the top of his head. As evidence of his age, many scars litter the Fae's body. [align=center]Fenrir reference.[/align]

Dune has a very carefree and reckless nature. He constantly picks fights with his friends, but means well. He is a very loyal and protective friend, despite his combative nature. Towards his friends, Dune is extremely loyal, and easily loses his temper when those near and dear are harmed in anyway. He is willing to do drastic things to avenge and defend those close to him, even if it means breaking a promise he had previously made. Dune also believes that other people should be loyal to their comrades, even going as far as defending those who have been betrayed by their own(friend or foe.) He also has respect for those who are willing to die what they believe for. However, he has his 'darker' side just like everyone else. Because of the events that tossed Dune into a pain-riddled coma for six months, he actually has problems completely trusting people ,but that doesn't stop him from pursuing his beliefs to their fullest. The boy will still view people as comrades ,and friends ,but he does not open his heart easily.

Dune is a genius when it comes to fighting. While having no distinct fighting style, he shows high tactical prowess and innovative thinking in battle. One great example is his GEARs. Dune created his GEARs to fully allow him to fight, eliminating his combat weaknesses(or it was meant to ,anyway). Because of Fenrir and his personalized GEARs, Dune has a massive appetite and a metabolism that seems to hinder him more than help in anyway. He can be usually seen toting around some sort of high protein food(or something sugary ,or fried.)

As if he were made just to contradict Dune, Fenrir is the complete opposite of his Vanii partner. The wolf is quiet and intelligent. He usually corrects Dune about many things, and chastises him when he charges into a situation without thinking. However, Fenrir is also quite hot blooded. He does not know the meaning of the word "Quit", nor will he ever give into something. When given the chance ,however, Fenrir has been known to spur Dune into action by poking at his metaphorical wounds from time to time.
Physically Fit
Quick on his feet
Lots’o Willpower

Needs to eat a lot to keep up with high metabolism.
The heat.
Tends to rush into things without thinking

Kick Boxing
Avoiding homework

A boy born under a star of Calamity. To the Vaniir tribe of Aesir,Dune was born under an ominous star. Born as a half-breed son to the Aesirian Senshi,and a Vaniir Swordsman,Dune grew up as the middle child of the Nazakato clan. As a child,he lived a fairly normal life. Between picking fights with his brother(none of which he ever won),and causing trouble for the rest of the village,life was good. It wasn't until his seventh birthday that he learned of the gift granted to his race. One month after his elder brother's tenth birthday,he watched his father walk Belmont up into the pure diamond tower. After hours of watching the silent entrance of the tower,Dune's brother finally returned. Sporting a Fae partner of his own, the legacy of Aesir's Vaniir tribe,Belmont began bragging about how his three headed wyvern partner would be sooo much cooler than the slug Dune would end up with! This made the little red head mad!

For the next three years,Dune concentrated on nothing but surpassing his brother. This included forsaking the usual Nazakato tradition: Swordplay. His family had been famous for a special sword style used all over Aesir,the infamous Shigure Tenrite(Autumn Rain,Demon Slaying) style. Instead,Dune formatted the basic movements and ideals of the sword style into his own fighting style,one that knew no bounds. It was also during those three years that he first met -her-. A young girl with ebony hair,and sky blue eyes that captivated the nastiest of men. A young girl by the name of Violet, a young girl not of the Vaniir tribe,but lived within the community none the less. One day after having been beaten by his brother during a sparring match,Dune ran away to a nearby stream,where he met the blue eyed girl, who was attempting to catch butterflies at the moment. Deciding to act cool,Dune snuck up behind the girl and easily snatched up one of the butterflies. After handing the butterfly to the girl, the two became fast friends.

Finally the day came for Dune to enter the diamond chamber to receive his Fae partner. Exactly one month after his tenth birthday, Dune found himself being walked into the central chamber of the tower. He gazed upwards in awe at the spirals of color at bounced off of the walls of the chamber. Brilliant hues of magenta ,electric blue, and other colors reflected from wall to wall, representing the spirits of the Fae that lived within the very walls. As his father left, Dune marched up to the far wall. The red headed child simply lifted his foot and kicked the solid wall of Diamond, tilting his head to yell to the heavens. By the time his yells were reached within the spiritual world within the tower, the spirits of the Fae were bustling. Creatures argued amongst themselves to determine who would depart with the boy. Only the silent beast would leave. A wyvern-wolf hybrid, possessing the intense element of lightning, named Fenrisulfr. The beast appeared before Dune, whom instantly dropped to one knee and bowed his head, as instructed by his father for the ceremony.

"You, he who is born under a lonely star, are an interesting case. My name is Fenrisulfr. With your eyes closed ,open your heart and allow me to ease you of the loneliness."

Dune opened his eyes minutes after Fenrir's voice faded ,only to see that the wolf had disappeared from view ,but now rested within his heart. With a grin stretching from ear to ear, Dune marched out of the tower with his head held high. Soon after the ceremony, Dune received a Gift from Fenrir in the form of a red and black sphere of metallic liquid. Seeing this as a chance to get ahead of his brother, and another step in his father's direction, Dune instantly created a weapon that was meant for him. Something that no one else would be able to use, something only for himself! With a new set of arm and leg armor as his weapons of choice ,Dune continued working on his path to being a great man!
Two years had passed, with Dune growing closer to his friend turned girlfriend and further discovering the secrets to his Fae partner. Sailor Aesir emerged from retirement as whispers of war neared the small Vaniir community, leaving behind her two boys and a newly born baby girl to seek out the nearing threat. After a few days and much pacing from Ymir, news had returned that Elementals had been sighted within the mountains neighboring the village…And that Sailor Aesir had fallen in battle. Being an entity that could not sustain Aesir’s Colour gift due to the composition of her Star Seed, Sophia lost the long drawn out battle against the personified elements.
Naturally this devastated the community, but nearly shattered the Nazakato family. With Dune being the only member not being able to Draw a Colour, he almost instantly distanced himself from his family and grew ever closer to the blue eyed Violet. Over the next several years Dune would ultimately regret the bond he built with the girl as the war hit home! The couple decided that it was time to introduce Dune to Violet’s family, a normally innocent thing….Well was Dune wrong! The meeting was nothing more than a blur as he was attacked by the ‘family’ of Violet’s. Several Elementals had attacked in hopes of a Colour separating experiment, but were sorely disappointed when, not only, Dune failed to produce anything, but a nosy Belmont intervened and managed to slay the girl that once claimed to adore Dune and another Elemental. Dune, however, found minor solace in that of a comatose state from the assault.  
More than a year had passed before the boy finally woke up into a world consumed by war. With the death of Sailor Aesir the year before, alliances and friendships were crushed and tossed aside as countries invaded one another despite the looming threat of the Elementals. While the small Vaniir community remained relatively neutral, only vowing to fight the threat of the wild card Elementals, Ymir Nazakato had to make sure his family remained safe no matter what. With the oldest boy, Belmont, being a possessor of a Colour, Ymir made the decision to send Dune off world. Still dazed and confused from emerging from the hospital and his coma, the red head was whisked away as the planet dove deeper into a cataclysmic war.
Fae and Boy drifted among the stars for months until a bright beacon caught the attention of their craft. A small blue light shining brilliantly in the dark.
Magical Information

Senshi/Knight/Hero/Villain Alias: N/A

Hero History
The history of Dune Nazakato’s heroic deeds has yet to unravel. Stay tuned for another episode of……..

Henshin Item
A set of red and black metal beads held together with a thin string of silver worn on his right wrist.

Henshin Phrase

While Dune doesn't have an alternate outfit when he engages in combat, his weapon system, dubbed Havoc, takes up a portion of his body. Taking on the appearance of a set of gauntlets and greaves, Dune has adjusted them to allow him to fight to his fullest. While appearing to be a simple set of arm and leg armor, there are a few key and deadly modifications. Attached at his ankles are a set of circular saw blades, while the knuckles on either gauntlet are made up of gear like joints that constantly rotate at high speeds. Initially silver, the gauntlets and greaves shine like a sun set painted upon the silver. Shades of purple, red and a bit of black glisten off the top of the silver.

Dune does not currently possess an alternate outfit for when he transforms.

Second GEAR(Blazing GEAR): Utilizing the built up heat in his body, Dune softens up the already stretchy veins and arteries his body possesses in order to move at high speeds and attack just as fast. Since he’s still relatively new at using this technique, large amounts of steam pour off his skin and his metabolism is heightened to the point of depleting his body’s reserves of vital nutrients within a matter of minutes. Within the five minute period(or possibly longer depending on the temperature outside at the moment. Colder temps means he can operate longer) Dune is given a spike in power and able to deliver punches that not only launch bullets of compressed air, but leave nigh invisible slip streams. After effects include severe hunger, minor to major burns, and slight dizziness. His movements can also be tracked by small puffs of steam emitted from his feet during this time.

Burning Breaker: The Colour of Devastation builds up within Dune’s fists during the period of the Second GEAR. Dune then simply gathers the rainbow of color shades into a fist to deliver a devastatingly explosive punch. Once used, Dune is instantly reverted to his neutral state.

Third GEAR(Lightning GEAR):  Dune borrows Fenrir’s element for this electrifying assault mode! Bathing Havoc in an ominous red lightning, plasma is generated and spread throughout the weapon system. While Third doesn’t possess the element of surprise that Second does, Dune can inflict a set amount of damage and has better aim, though shorter reach as he lacks the slip streams that accompany his attacks in Second.

Lightning Reaver: Red blades of lightning are generated from the ankle saws and launched at an unsuspecting opponent. Simple yet effective.

GEARs: Grand Enhanced Assault Reflexes. Created via Sailor Aesir Sophia Odinson to combat threats, as her stint as Sailor Aesir left her lacking many offensive moves. Dune utilizes these GEARs to fight.

Those born on Aesir are gifted with a special gift known as Colour. Ranging from typical colours like red green and blue, to more exotic like viridian and cyan, each has a special attribute and a range. Different shades of a colour offer stronger or weaker versions of a specific attribute. Take Dune for example, who was born with the Colour Black and although it is technically the absence of color, it has been aptly named the Colour of Damnation. Fenrir bestowed a gift of a common color, though of a rare shade. Crimson speckled with black, called the Devastation.

Aesirians are a sturdier people compared to the humans of Earth. Aesir being a Super Earth type planet, it has a stronger gravitational pull and therefor has affected its inhabitants. Aesirians possess a thicker skin and stronger heart, lungs, and vascular system that has an almost rubber like elasticity to survive the extreme environments.
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Dune Nazakato

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Re: Dune Nazakato

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