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Kata // The Temperance

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Kata // The Temperance

Post by Kata on Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:12 pm

Name Kata Shai
Age 21
Gender Female
Birthdate: August 27th
Birthplace/Planet Felek
Family Members
Mother: Ohaira Shai a.k.a Lady Temperance (deceased)
Father: Erik Shai (deceased)

Alignment Villain, Tarot

Pets/Guardians None

-To collect as many Fortune Keys as possible
-To attain the four Treasures of Lore
-To have everyone revere and fear her

Motto “Life is but a game, and I’m here to win it all.”

School None. She is too busy being a fabulous model in Crystal Tokyo.

Kata is the type of woman that magazine  would typically call the ‘ideal type’. She stands at 5’7”, with a curvy figure, but a thin waist. Her hair is long, blonde, with a slight wave, that reaches down to the middle of her back. Her skin has a healthy tan (not the freaky fake orange tanning), which compliment her green/grey eyes. Though she does wear make-up, she wears very little of it as she doesn’t need any; Just enough to highlight her pretty features.

Kata would never be caught dead in run of the mill clothes that you could buy at a Wal-Mart. Kata only wears the best, most fashionable clothes that compliment her flawless figure. She is often seen wearing a variety of heels, skirts and dresses that most people could only afford if they sold their right kidneys. Her traditional garb of the court is of course, a crimson red gown, with a checker interior (black and red of course).

Harmony and equilibrium.  Moderation of extremes. Being flexible and understanding.
None of these would be used to describe Kata.
Despite her beautiful features, it’s quite unsurprising to see that this woman has a rather ugly personality. Kata only drinks the best wine, eats the best food, and if it’s not brand name, or an absolute original, she will not wear it. She is the type of woman who will get the worker at the coffee store to redo her ‘Low-Fat Soya Bravenperuslian Coffee Bean’ Latte until they get it right. And don’t even think of bringing her ordinary water. It’s only sparkling water for her. In a pure crystal glass. She says it like it is and doesn’t let anyone get in her way, whether she knows them or not.
Kata is also a fabulous ‘actress’ which essentially means, she knows how to get what she wants. If she needs to play the damsel in distress, she will play it. If she has to flirt her way to the top, she will do that as well. Manipulation is not be-low her.
Because of her tricks to get what she wants, not many people really know how she is underneath all that snobbery and deceit. She was probably a sweet girl, but that was way before she became the woman she is now today. She’s very aware of the kind of person she comes off and she’d rather keep it that way.
Yep… despite being the Temperance, Kata is not balanced at all.

-Bossing people around
-Single player sports
-Great fashion sense

-The outdoors (she is not the camping type)

-Wining & Dining
-Angering people with her outrageous demands
-Making fun of people

Same as Villain History below

Magical Information

Villain Alias: The Temperance

Villain History:
Prior to the war, Kata was the daughter of the previous Temperance and actually lived quite peacefully. She was a bit spoiled, but did not quite have the rotten attitude that she does now.  Once the war broke out when she was 15, both of her parents were killed, and thus the title of Temperance was passed on to her. Young and naïve she followed whomever she felt was powerful and would win, which eventually lead her to

Henshin Item  A card with the number XIV engraved on it.  She wears it as a necklace underneath her clothing.

Henshin Phrase 14th Fate, unlock!

Weaponry A black cane, with a design of a phoenix and a raven engraved on the golden hilt, a deck of tarot that appear normal, but are actually sharp to the touch!

The Temperance fuku is a full body suit, with one half of it a crimson red and the other half a violet blue. In the center of her chest is the number XIV, embroidered in gold.  She wears blacked heeled and laced combat boots and long black gloves that reach to about her elbows. Stitched around the shoulder and neck area of her bodysuit is elegant looking, white fox fur. Over eyes is a simple blue and red mask, with XIV written again in the middle of her forehead.


Disrupted Equilibrium- Kata slams the tip of her cane to the ground and shakes the ground beneath her opponent’s feet.

Opposing Forces- Kata deflects the opponent’s attack with an equal amount of force back towards them with her cane. Can only work once every 15 minutes.

No Restraint- Kata presses two of her fingers against her forehead as the XIV there glows and then fires a ball of energy towards her opponent.

Unknown Fate- Kata slams her hand against her opponent’s chest. At first, nothing happens, but then 30 seconds later, knee crippling pain comes racing back.

Like all Major Aracana, Kata is also capable of summoning Minor Arcana (this seasons’ youma), so watch out!
Player:  Maestro
Chatango TehMaestro

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Re: Kata // The Temperance

Post by Dune Nazakato on Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:19 pm

The bitch came back the very next day. Oh the bitch came back. I thought she was a goner------


Excited to see her cause even more trouble!!!

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