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Kouhai Students and Teachers

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Kouhai Students and Teachers

Post by Runa Nalid on Sat Aug 10, 2013 4:08 pm

Kouhai Boarding School

Located on the white sandy beach of Crystal Bay of Crystal Tokyo, is the warm inviting Kouhai. Kouhai is one of two boarding schools founded during the middle of the construction of the Golden Millennium, by the help of Kitty Sunhild and Neo Queen Serenity. This Academy offers a Kindergarten to Grade 12 program, including Honor courses and advance teaching. This co-ed Academy has separate dormitory buildings for boys and girls, including a café attaching the two.
Kouhai is strong and faithful in their sense of Destiny, their motivation of letting their be a little fun while learning. You mold the Destiny that is within your hands, but you can't change the idea of Fate. Our motto "What comes of Destiny, will always create the Rebirth with a flaming passion."

Their emblem being the majestic Phoenix, a large statue of a Phoenix sits in the middle of the courtyard, its wings spread. Welcoming its students to fly free but have a burning passion to do so. Behind this sight, is a small river that flowers through, the cleansing and rebirth  flows through that magical river. The courtyard also part of the beach, out looking the ocean. With a few palm tree's, some roses in planters, along with hibiscus. The atmosphere warm and inviting like a fire place, once you enter the halls of the dark cherry wood school. In the middle of the lunch room is like a clearing in the forest. The green grass lush and sweet, with that same river running through. The rooms are large and relaxing, its almost to be pampered while learning to sink in the riches of education.

The primary color of the academy is RoseWood, which inspires warmth and rebirth. The uniforms are clearly visible with this color, along with the schools emblem. This color is the highlight of the invitations sent out and the color most resembled at the school.

Even with the pampered, relaxing atmosphere, we are driven hard in competition and after school activities.

-Olympic Diving


-Ballroom Dancing
-Metal Welding

-Debate Team
-Student Council
-Anime Club

Kouhai also holds friendly competitions with their sister school, Tengoku-Teki Boarding School, so be sure to check out some of the games and competitions and support your teams!

List of current Staff and Students attending Kouhai:
Headmistress- Kitty Sunhild
Nurse- Jian Kansugi
Baking/Cooking Teacher- Makoto Kino

Sarah Blackrose
Chibi-Usa Tsukino
Chance Yeun
Masako Ghiroza

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