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Chance Yeun//Wheel of Fortune

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Chance Yeun//Wheel of Fortune

Post by Chance Yeun on Sun Aug 18, 2013 1:18 am


Name: YoungJae "Chance" Yeun
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Birthdate: December 8
Birthplace: Felek
Family Members:
Father: SeungTae Yeun, former Wheel of Fortune (deceased)
Mother: JiYeon Yeun (deceased)
Affiliation: Tarot
Goals: Untold riches... Maybe a family one day?
Motto: "Everything worth having comes through sacrifice."
School: Kouhai


He has a bit of a crooked, mischievous smile and a twinkle of daring in his eyes. His teeth are pearly and straight; his lips are full. His eyes are golden honey and alert, taking in his surroundings. His hair is golden brown, cropped short on the sides, and longer towards the front. People say the way it is styled resembles a horn… Or a duck’s butt. His ears are pierced, with two small gold rings in the upper cartilage of both ears. Other than his earrings, he wears a pewter ring on his right pinky finger, and a gold-bordered, round-faced watch with a white leather strap on his left wrist.
He stands at 5’10”, and weighs approximately 180lbs. Chance’s complexion is clear, except for a light sprinkling of freckles on his cheekbones. His shoulders are broad, and his musculature is fairly well developed. Being a gymnast, his muscles are defined and pack a lot of power without being bulky or grotesque. He enjoys skinny trousers and shorts because there’s not extra material to get in the way. His shirts are on the looser side to provide more range of movement for his arms and chest.  He is not afraid of colour. His shoes are more often than not designer leather shoes. Occasionally, you'll find him in skate shoes.


Chance is not the most outgoing person in the world, but it's not because he's shy. People are kind of a hassle to deal with; so simple and easily read. He believes that anything worth having can only come through sacrifice. This doesn't mean it has to be his sacrifice, though. Being able to read a person's potential through his cards also gives him a slightly manipulative personality. He knows how to use others through their desires to get what he wants out of them.
When dealing with allies or what "friends" he has, he tends to be distant. He tends to shrug off conflict and let things run their course while finding a way to reap the rewards. Sometimes, though, conflict needs a little push, and he is not afraid of being the root of evil. From time to time, he will get bored and set up a small table to tell the fortunes of unfortunate passersby. Also, he likes money.


Sometimes overly analytical of situations
New tarot decks

Reading cards
Sewing and knitting
Martial Arts
Plotting the downfall of new systems


(see Villain History)

Magical History

Villain Alias: The Wheel of Fortune

Villain History: Growing up as the child of a Major Arcana gave him the best education. His parents were very money-conscious and took little for granted. Chance was told from a very young age that nothing comes without sacrifice. It was not long before he figured out that such sacrifice would not necessarily come from him or his parents. At the age of eight, he began reading tarot cards, which would bring him much attention. From this, he learned that people are only out for themselves and that friendship is not a necessary facet of life for Arcana members. Three years later, war broke out and his parents were killed. The young Chance became the Teller's Wheel of Fortune, and used his divination skill for the new Tarots' goal of complete domination.
Having arrived in Crystal Tokyo, Chance continued his education at Kouhai to better fit in with the population and find potential Keys of Fortune.

Henshin Item: A blank, flat-white credit card with a golden X on the face, which he keeps in his wallet.

Henshin Phrase: "Wheel of Fortune - Spin!"

Weaponry: Very large, very sharp knitting needles, and a seemingly endless supply of of tarot cards.

Fuku: Black-to-grey ombre genie pants made from a very durable, silk-like material. A wide golden sash serves as a belt and is tied on his right side. His needles are stuck through the knot when not in use. From under the left side in the back, there is a black leather pouch for his cards embossed with a gold X. White half vest with a golden spindle wheel on the back. Gold choker with a blue cats' eye sapphire in the center. He hides his face with a white masque that covers the top half of his face (save for his eyes, of course. He needs to see), engraved with a gold Roman numeral X in the center of his brow. Bronze leather wrist guards (Reference to come in a few days, when the site will allow me), and a number of jeweled rings on his fingers. And as one cannot fight barefooted, golden slippers with upturned toes and wheel embroidered adorn his feet.


Four of a Kind – Four cards are drawn. He fans them out in his hand and they begin to glow. Three illusionary copies are then created and can be used to confuse and distract the enemy.

Fall of Misfortune – Deploys a veritable blizzard of cards infused with a dark energy. These projectiles may cut, pin, or explode upon impact. That is where the misfortune comes into play.

Rotam Fortune – (TL: Wheel of Fortune) Gathers energy in his right hand, then releases a large golden orb similar to Uranus’ World Shaking.

Knot Your Day - Chance knits a stitch with his needles, which creates a strong netting of dark energy. This can be used to bind and/or slow down an opponent.

Able to summon Minor Arcana (youma).

Player: Lumi

Chatango: LuminousIncubus

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Re: Chance Yeun//Wheel of Fortune

Post by Aki Hoshikita on Thu Aug 22, 2013 11:26 pm


Yay! Another baddie to keep Kata company!
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