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Eridani Atsiel

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Eridani Atsiel

Post by Eridani Atsiel on Tue Aug 13, 2013 5:58 am

Eridani Atsiel

Just shy of a century


Tenth Year Under King Atsiel

Drapud: A world under the merciless rule of the demon King Atsiel, for thousands of years it has been untouched by any outside influences. The world contains numerous races, but none are more prominent than the humans and the demons. Both of which have battled constantly until the human nations fell. The layout of the land isn't much different than that of Earth. Two continents separated by extensive oceans, with numerous islands spotted about.

Family Members
King Atsiel: His lord father
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: At last count Eridani has thirty-two other half-brothers and sisters.



Regain his former glory and become a Demonic General.

"Get out of my way."


Wherever Aki is.


Eridani appears as though he isn't any different from anyone else that may live in Tokyo. He stands just at six feet tall and has a slight tan complexion, nothing too heavy but it's definitely noticeable. He looks to be about sixteen or seventeen years of age, with short brown hair as well as hazel colored eyes. To add on to this he has a somewhat tone body, he isn't ripped with muscles but he isn' skinny by any means either. His attire changes from day to day, much like anyone's might. He does constantly wear blue and black jeans, as well as a pair of black and white sneakers. He also has a necklace and from it hangs 'œThe Eye of Atsiel'. Which looks like a steel decoration carved out to look like the eye of a demon, but what appears to be black clouds swirl inside of it. It shows loyalty to his father and he often wears it tucked under his shirt. The shirts he wears change on a premise of the weather that day. He does is best to blend in with the other inhabitants of Tokyo.

Without the Eye around his neck, his appearance takes a drastic change. Eridani grows three inches in height and his horns take their place upon his head. The tail he has in his transformed state does not appear. The markings that run from the back of his hands and the length to the sides of his neck begin to appear but aren't as prominent, they are easily noticeable but their sky blue coloration is faded. While the tan color tone of his skin darkens by a few shades.


Eridani is painfully loyal to his father and the Atsiel banner, he would do anything to earn favor in the eyes of his father and that shows by his actions most the time. Especially back home. Other than that Eridani is rude, selfish, obsessive, at times annoying and a bully. He can find an insult in almost anything if he's in the wrong mood and is quick to aggression both verbally and physically if he feels if he has been wronged in some way.

He's not entirely negative, that loyalty he shows to his father is often extended to close friends he makes, seeing that in his lifetime they've been few and far between. Where he can comes off as narrowminded and self-centered he can actually be quite nice if given the chance. He generally dislikes humans, whether it's because of the demon in him or because he's half of one as well is yet to be truly determined. His confidence is probably his ultimate characteristic, always willing to puff out his chest and never misses a chance to show off his strength or his skills in almost anything, whether he's experienced in an activity or not. He always has to be first in everything with his overgrown ego.






Being a Jerk


Born as a bastard to King Atsiel in the tenth year of his rule, Eridani found himself struggling to find his place as he grew up. There was always one thing he enjoyed and was always good at, it was fighting. He did it constantly. With his siblings, peers and anyone that tried to get away with an insult. Defending himself was easy, especially training with various Masters-At-Arms that worked as part of his father's army.

At first that's what he strived to be, a Master-At-Arms until he found himself idolizing the five generals of his father's army. Hedvika, Istak and the others, they were demons that he wanted to be like. They were always in his father's favor as well. Something he wanted.
Growing up a 'prince', Eridani saw many people walk down the same halls he did. Demons and humans alike. Though humans were heavily oppressed on Drapud, some found their way either through politics or wealth to retain their power as nobles or politicians, even in the demon world. It was one demoness, Astura that caught his eye. They had been friends since a young age and were eventually to be married.
Before the marriage could be arranged, one of Eridani's older brother Fitz, rose up against their father in order to take the rule as his own. The attempted coup faltered and was defeated in the capital city of Savir, but that didn't end the war. Fitz retreated back to a fortress known as the Black Spire with what forces he had. There a siege dragged out for several months with no end in sight. Before finally Eridani grew impatient and infiltrated the spire with fifty of his own men. Four days later the siege was broken, Fitz's men giving up as their leader was defeated. Whatever happened to Fitz after that day, no one knows. But he was neither heard from or seen again. Whereas Eridani left half of his men, but each of them a hero.
Eri enjoyed his glory, his moment and his father's praise. Though he knew he wasn't to be a general just yet, he felt that this would cement his place as one. It wasn't until they finally reached the capital city once again that his world seemed to crash around him. His bride to be was nowhere to be found and eventually his heroic acts faded away with time and he became the same half-demon he had always seemed to be.
Brooding for years after, Eridani found himself crushing any resistance that managed to pop up on Drapud. Always trying to find a way to reclaim his former glory.
Eventually opportunity showed itself. An old demonic artifact, the Hellmasters Grimoire. Was located on a planet called Earth, across the ocean of stars. Atsiel's interest in this book was no secret, so Eridani leapt at the chance to travel to said planet in search of this book. To put himself back in the graces of his father once more.

Magical Information
Senshi/Knight/Hero/Villain Alias


Henshin Item
The Eye of Atsiel

Henshin Phrase
A phrase uttered in demonic

A short arming sword

Armor & Appearance

When the phrase to change is uttered a veil of darkness wraps around his form and melts away to reveal his altered body. His skin has become very tan, almost a dark brown color and his eye color has changed from hazel to that of a deep orange. Two six inch black horns protrude from his forehead and would now have a tail, covered in scales from where it's attached all the way to the tip. What look like sky blue runes run from both sides of his neck, down his shoulders all the way to the backs of his hands. His teeth will also become very keen, and grow slightly during the transformation. His hands will also take part in the formation, becoming claw-like so that they may strike in a slashing fashion. The attire will also change to what looks like a set of leather armor, his torso and shoulders as well as his legs are covered by this armor. His arms, neck and head are left bare, feet being covered by black boots.

Grand Cannon:

To use this attack Eridani points his sword at his target and the runes on the arm holding the sword begin to light up as energy gathers at the tip of the sword, then when it is released it is fired out as a beam. Depending on how dead on the attack is with its hit, it can send the victim tumbling end over end and leave abrasions, burns and bruises around the point of impact.

The attack can end up hurting more or even less depending on how much energy is gathered. The energy has to come from Eridani so he uses this attack depending on how well he feels and how the fight is going.

Endless Rage:

Eridani focuses energy in front of him, the runes along his body glow as he gathers energy. When he releases the attack he thrusts his arms out in a direction of his choice. The energy shoots out in an arc of black, electric energy. When the attack hits a target or reaches the end of its range it disappears for a moment before exploding.

King's Blood:

Eridani makes a sweeping motion in front of himself with a hand and a line of need-like energy appears before him. No longer than three inches long and no more than four of these 'œneedles' at a time. When Eridani makes a flicking motion with his hand is when the needles fly at his opponent. This attack is mostly used to hinder his opponent; the needles will stick into most surfaces before dissipating. If one of the needles hits it can cause minor bleeding but almost feels like getting stabbed.

Fissure Protection:

Eridani throws his energy in the direction of his target, though it may seem like his doing this out of ill will this is actually a defensive maneuver to protect and ally or even an item. Once the energy reaches its target it expands to the size of a wall to absorb the attack.


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