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Kitty Sunhild / Sailor Azha

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Kitty Sunhild / Sailor Azha

Post by Runa Nalid on Mon Aug 12, 2013 8:19 pm

Name Sunhild, Kitty Kanyaratna (Battle of the Sun, lies the Pure Maiden's Jewel)
Age Appears 25
Gender Female
Birthdate July 12
Birthplace/Planet Inside the core of Azha.
Family Members
Mother:She was born of the Sailor Crystal reacting to the battle of the Azha, creating her form. But after her rebirth, Helia Estria took care of her.
Father: She was born of the Sailor Crystal reacting to the battle of the Azha, creating her form. Felinan Estria is the husband to Helia, whom was reluctant at first.
Husband:Ra Sunhild; His father brought Kitty to the Estria's after the battle for their Sun.
AlignmentThe Kouhai Boarding School.
Pets/Guardian Peach- A ferret
Goals To out do the opposing school  and train the best Soldiers out there.
Motto“The Stars always rise over something, it is your time to rise over everything.”
“Set your heart to it and overcome it.”

School Kouhai Boarding School

Kitty stands 5'10 with her heels on, which she is usually in, rare occasions she will wear house slippers. Which will lower her height to 5'5. She is curvacious, with long slender legs, her skin holding a creamy Caucasian complexion. She always wears skirts, fancy sleeveless shirts, and dresses, you will never see her in pants, or a pair of shorts. The colors range all over the system, she is not picky about this.

Her hair is long, ending at her ankles, the ends sport large ringlet curls, her hair holding a white hue, and from the middle to the bottom, goes from white on the first layer, cloud pink on the second layer, and powder blue on the last layer. Her eyes are silver and reflect everything. Her facial features are soft and delicate, holding a caring and loving tone, with her white, silver, and gold make-up.

Kitty is warm and loving individual, she holds her students in high regard. She is harsh when need be, because her students should only be their best and never give less. She is very observant and knows what goes on at all times. She loves watching her children grow and play in their natural elements.

She does get mad when people do not give it their best and all they've got. Her discipline is usually killing them with kindness to make them feel guilty. If they do not end up feeling guilty she will usually send them into the arena, to duel until they can not duel anymore. She cares and nourishes, but it depends on the situation. If anyone were to hurt her 'children' she will defend them all, she doesn't take intruders lightly, but welcomes new students with open arms.

Leading her students and staff.


Harvesting Flowers
Playing the Cello
Playing in the Rain
Collecting Rubber Duckies

Kitty was born from the rebirth of Azha, she was a bit disoriented when her senshi, namely Rasha the knight of Sunhild, brought her to a family they knew never gave up hope of the goddess, telling them this child was the re-birthed goddess, in a mortal body. The Estria's took this child in, naming her Kitty, meaning she was Pure. Felianan was not excepting at first, because it was a heavy weight to put on them, who knows if they could be attacked at anytime.
But he soon fell for the small girl, she had her father twisted around her fingers. They grew like a normal family, no one knew what happened to the goddess, or the senshi, but that was alright everything stayed at peace. Kitty grew to a youthful spunky child, to a young lady, to a marvelous young woman. Still unknown of what her fate was, or will be. The time came on her nineteenth birthday, the urge to go to Azha, their sun, grew in her each day.

Her parents knew they could not keep her but others thought she was crazy. Her childhood friend Ra, even tried to stop her, but ended up going with her, because the urge was pulling him also. They made their trip from the Star Library. It was a one way portal to Azha itself, Kitty knew this in her subconscious, she didn't understand why but she knew. As they traveled the energy field around Azha welcomed them, most thought anyone who got near would burn up, granted they are right but the goddess and her senshi could come and go as they pleased.

They walked through a large castle, it was warm, welcoming. But it seemed empty like no one had been their for well millions of years. As they walked further in, a woman dressed in peach walked out, welcoming the two travelers using their true names. As she walked the travelers toward the room, which the goddess had already told her guardian to lead them too, a memory struck Kitty like a dead weight. All the memories came piling back into her mind, they were unlocked.

Ra learned of his dissidence, questioning his father when they got back home. Kitty and the Azha Senshi were reawakened, their force was not needed, but Azha wanted something to happen on her mortal's nineteenth birthday, she wanted her to build a school and that she did.  It took several years to finish the school, it was docked ready for departure, into the Cosmos. She had to go out and train the senshi who had no one to help them.

Ra and Kitty were married on the beach, to set off the adventure of a life time. Ra was to stay and protect the Azha system, him and his father. It was a bittersweet goodbye, but they agreed they would be together soon enough. With that Kitty and her group of senshi were off on their way to the furthest reaches of space.

Some centuries past and the group found themselves in the Milky Way system, a woman asking for assistance, which they accepted, they were here to help anyone in need.  Soon making their way to the Milky Way Galaxy, to the Solar System, planting the school in Tokyo to help train and go against the rival school.

Magical Information
Senshi Alias Sailor Azha
Senshi HistoryFrom the beginning, Azha had laid dormant on the Sun on Azha. Her Sailor Crystal being the center of gravity pulling the planets whom orbited around this planet together. Many of the planets started as just fresh new, people where no where on these planets, the crystal would take form to check on these planets, she grew lonely. From her wish the of the crystal people appeared on the planets. She was thought of as the goddess, as soon as trouble came to the system from another nearby system whom was a bit more advanced, they had their eyes on this system. To take it as their own, because they were destroying their own system and they weren't able to live on theirs much longer.

Azha came out to protect her system, the people then deemed her as a Goddess. Some feared her but she would take on a human form to mingle with her systems people, she loved the atmosphere. Until the people rebelled on her, saying that she was the one who brought all these new evil who were coming to hurt them, she was hurt. So she did as they asked and she reformed to her pure energy and Sailor Crystal and went back to her star, upset. Again their system was being hunted but Azha did not come to save them this time. The people lost fate, until the day they were told of what happened. That a group caused their goddess to feel betrayed but she wouldn't hurt the beings she created, but she wouldn't protect them any longer either.

Millennia's passed and the Azha system's being grew to learn how to fend for themselves, their planetary senshi came forth poorly trained, only being able to be trained by the militia forces who have battled each other and neighboring systems. The Planetary Senshi of the system, found out about the tales of old, they felt like part of themselves where missing but never could understand why until they found the Star Library, where all of the cherished relics of Azha where placed after her 'abandonment'.

These senshi stayed there trying to learn as much as they could, but it still wasn't enough. It didn't fill their emptiness, they ended up agreeing, they needed to pray to their Goddess, a darkness was looming closer and they did not want their system to perish, they felt betrayed of their own people, but much like their goddess they could see good within most of the people. So they stayed there and prayed, but the darkness came faster then they all could imagine, the darkness of a child of Chaos. The Senshi had almost given up hope, but Azha could see the stress, their pleads finally reaching deep within her solitude cage.

She came to the senshi, giving them their power, that empty spot was filled, they were heir's of the goddess. As they all agreed to work as a team, they set out and Azha put herself in the most danger, destroying the darkness and herself within the process.
Henshin Item A gold hibiscus flower hair comb. The flower opens up with a set of good lipstick and gold eyeshadow inside.
Henshin Phrase”Azha Radiance Shine, Make-up!”
Weaponry A two handed sword, with a titanium blade, the hilt being white, with a pink and blue ribbon wrapped around it, the tails of the ribbon, holding a charm, one of a star and the other with a symbol of Azha.
Azha has a simple gold band that wraps around her head, at the back of it and along her hair fire red, sky blue, pearl pink feathers, along with gold stars hanging of chains. Her choker is a simple gold ribbon, with a bow tying to together in the back. Her collar is white, fading to a deep blue toward the back. Her bodice is a white bandeau top with a powder blue ruffle along the top and a small loose bow in the middle. Her brooch is a simple royal blue hibiscus flower. A translucent  powder blue piece of fabric splits down the middle having her stomach bare. Her skirt is also white and is a hi low skirt. An powder blue sash wraps around her hips and ties at her right hip, with gold charms hanging from the knot. Her gloves are simple, white, and opera length, she wears no shoes.

Shining Aether- She holds her sword in front of her face, the blade illuminates and hums with light energy. The air around the area becomes pure and hard to breath, Azha starts to run and when she is close to the enemy she leaps in the air and slashes down, the light trail speeds off shattering into shards of burning pure hot light.

Burning Vortex- Azha's sword floats in front of her the blade pointing to the ground. It slowly spins, as Azha's hands vibrate with energy at the sides of the sword. The energy entering the sword. As the sword spins, the intensity rises, when Azha touches one of the charms on the sword the vortex spirals off to pick up and throw her enemy.

Royal Hot Flash- Azha holds her blade pointed outward, her hands steadly placed on the hilt, her body glows a very pale sky blue, which deepens and she readies herself and the attack. Starting to run she slides the tip of the blade on the ground causing the sky blue energy to fade to white, leaving a white hot trail of fire behind her. As she pulls the sword up the energy and energy trail lashes out at the enemy.

Phoenix Arise- Azha's body starts to glow a white, then to blue, then to pink, staying at pink, she kneels down to the wounded, a pair of phoenix wings expand from her back and the feathers start to fall, she touches the wound. The wound heals but how much depends on how much of the burning heat from her fingers they can take, or when all the feathers fall. The feathers work as a defensive mechanism and explode when an enemy is near by.

Azha's body sports a fluffy like fur down the sides of her thighs and covering most of her lower leg. Her toes fuse together slightly and to create three talons. Her back sports vibrant red and gold wings. Down her sides is the similar fluffly fur as her legs. Her arms are bare and very smooth. Her eyes red glow to them, her ears are feathered out almost in a elf ear fashion.

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Re: Kitty Sunhild / Sailor Azha

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