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Seeking Answeres (Open)

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Seeking Answeres (Open)

Post by Keni Umutemi on Fri Oct 24, 2014 10:42 pm

Keni stared at the vast garden in front of him. Well, it should have been expected. This was the Palace after all... As Keni stared at the flowers, he thought back at the events that had taken place that had led him here.

Earlier that morning, Keni had gotten up. After a meager breakfast of warm tea and eggs, the young martial artist had set out for the Palace. After thinking about the things he'd been told by the nurse, Jian, Keni realized that he knew very little about his true mission. So, he figured that the one person it'd make sense to ask would be the King himself.

Along the way, he'd passed by the dojo where he'd studied karate. His old sensei had caught his eye, and had come out to greet him. After Keni told him the vague, non-specifics of what he was going through, his instructor had left him with a few words of wisdom. "Remember the story of grape. Either mission do yes, or mission do no. Mission do maybe, go squish, like grape in middle of road. Also, remember that life with no balance is like bird with no wings. Has no use." Keni had nodded, pretending to understand the old adages before setting on his way.

To be honest, Keni was surprised he made it to the Court Yard without anyone stopping him. However, he was sure that his request to see the King would not go over that well. Still, he had to try. Keni looked around, trying to find someone that might be able to help him.

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