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Plot 1, Season 1: The Tarot Arc

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Plot 1, Season 1: The Tarot Arc  Empty Plot 1, Season 1: The Tarot Arc

Post by Aki Hoshikita on Sun Aug 11, 2013 9:13 pm

Plot 1, Season 1: The Tarot Arc  Crystal-tokyo

In this futuristic, alternate SM universe, Earth has entered a new Golden Age and has become the awe of many kingdoms, planets and solar systems. With Neo Queen Serenity ruling over Crystal Tokyo, it has become a haven for those with magical powers. Some planets have sent their princesses, princes, and heroes for training, others into hiding, and even some for secret ulterior motives. Even with all the advancements, senshi and knights have found themselves still keeping their true identities hidden, just as a precaution, and it seems that there is now a good reason.

A group known as the Tarot, seem to be stirring up trouble as they collect people's Fortune Keys search for the Treasures of Lore and attempt not only take over earth, but possibly the whole galaxy!

Will the senshi be able to stop this new, mysterious enemy? Will the galaxy try to remain at peace as more and more people unlock their powers? Stay tuned, and we'll show you!
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Plot 1, Season 1: The Tarot Arc  Empty Re: Plot 1, Season 1: The Tarot Arc

Post by Aki Hoshikita on Sun Aug 11, 2013 11:41 pm

Plot FAQ

Where and What is Crystal Tokyo?

Crystal Tokyo is basically what Tokyo is about 1000 years into the future, after Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion are placed in charge. We get a brief glimpse of it in the R season of Sailor Moon. In Crystal Tokyo, people tend to age a lot slower than in the past.

Why Boarding Schools?

We have two boarding schools, in this rp; Kouhai and Tengoku-Teki. Since there are many senshi and knights that are young and need training, we felt that it would be a great place for them to reside and learn while still honing not only their magical powers, but their diplomacy, etiquette and general knowledge skills. Many senshi and knights keep their powers under cover, but they say that these schools offer a safe haven to train without the compromise of having their identities known...

For more info, please check the Tengoku-Teki and Kouhai pages.

What are the Treasures of Lore?

There are four Treasures of Lore; the Chalice of Emotion, the Wand of Journey, the Sword of Intellegience, and the Pentacle of Prosperity. It is uncertain where these treasures reside, but they say that certain fortune keys have the answer to where they hidden, much like a map, though it is hard to decipher.

What are Fortune Keys?

Fortune Keys reside in a person's being much like a pure heart crystal or a dream mirror. They give people the ability to choose and control their destiny, without them, they are at the mercy of the one that wields it. Some people's fortune keys wield more power than others, and are capable of unlocking certain secrets.

So, Who are the Characters?

For a list of playable characters, factions and the likes, please view our Character Help Forum.

Destination Moonlight? What does that mean?

The staff and a number of our members were originally from another rp known as Moonlight Destiny. After 4 years, it was unfortunately closed down. However, for those of us who wanted to continue on with a Sailor Moon rp, decided to make a new rp. We consider the name as a little hommage to our years at MD.
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