Destination: Moonlight
Luminosity, a post-stars sailor moon rp
Sailor Moon and its characters belong to Naoko Takeuchi. All other characters, descriptions and events belong to their respective owners.

~ Luminosity // a post-stars Sailor Moon roleplay. ~

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~ Luminosity // a post-stars Sailor Moon roleplay. ~ Empty ~ Luminosity // a post-stars Sailor Moon roleplay. ~

Post by Tsuki on Tue Jun 17, 2014 12:36 am

time guardian --

~ Luminosity // a post-stars Sailor Moon roleplay. ~ Tumblr_mqf5o71jH81qjkedbo1_500

-- tear apart the sky, and open the space-time door for me,
I call the name of the almighty god of time,
the time guardian's father,
Reveal to me the path of light...

This may be the biggest battle the Senshi have ever faced, perhaps even larger than the one in Stars. New evils, new senshi, and new heros dance on the horizon, and everything is not always what it seems this time. Are the Senshi and their allies capable of stopping Chaos a second time? Or, will Chaos finally destroy the Senshi, seal Cosmos, and take over Japan -- maybe even the entire world -- once and foreall?

Click on the Time-Space Key to transport to Luminosity...  discover the full plot, the contents, and even the results, of this mystery, and how it all ties together.

We'll be waiting with open arms.


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