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Kourin Suru Ouja// Animated personified in Mid evil times

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Kourin Suru Ouja// Animated personified in Mid evil times

Post by Haruka Tenou on Sun Jun 15, 2014 11:20 am

The king's of Roegan and Sevirecia have been killed leaving their kingdoms in the hands of their son's Still to young to be crowned kings they are still known to the kingdoms as prince's. However the other kingdoms have taken this to mean they can now gain land for themselves. However not all of the kingdoms are after the land of Roegan and Sevirecia.

The kingdoms of Sevoaweth and Yini have joined forces with Reogan and Sevirecia while the kingdome of Saligan has remained neutral in this war. As a way to battle this alliance the kingdoms of Foaf, Haaynd, Heang, and Roasien have allied with each other. which side will you be on in this war or will you remain neutral to the whole thing? The choice is yours.

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