Destination: Moonlight
Luminosity, a post-stars sailor moon rp
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Post by Makoto Kino on Sun Jun 01, 2014 12:54 am

Mako decided to walk around the schools courtyard for a few after all it wasn't as if the brunette had a class she had to be teaching yet. It was a nice day out so why shouldn't she enjoy it before she had to be in her class room. The brunette smiled looking up at the sky for a few moments. It was nice to have a moment of peace she didn't get it during class time that was for sure. "wonder if I was ever like that in class." she muttered. She continued to wander around she had no place in mind she was just wanting sometime outside instead of being cooped up alone in her class room.

She stopped as she past by one of the planters on the grounds kneeling down to look at one of the rose bushes leaning in to smell one of the roses. it really was a nice day she stood back on continuing her aimless wandering just thinking of anything and everything.
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