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Post by Celestial Destiny Staff on Fri Feb 21, 2014 2:43 pm

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Sailor Senshi...

A phrase unheard of in this day and age. The female soldiers whom were once destined to deliver the Earth from chaos never came about. In their absence, the world descended into a desperate battle against the forces of darkness and evil. Day by day, the balance fades ever closer into total chaos.

The forces of the Covenant of the Nihil, a following of former humans tainted by a mysterious and dark power, gradually corrode the earth, empowered by mysterious structures known as the obelisks. As a result, the world has descended into an ice age as the sun's warmth dims and becomes clouded by the realities of war and dark magic's influence.

Japan, fortunate by it's location as an island state, represents the strongest remaining power in the world of a free people. While the Covenant has made their attacks, the brave military forces of Japan have thus far held the cult at bay allowing the populace to live in relative security and wellness. As a result of such fortune, survivors all over the world with the means to do so make their way to Japan, to live a life as normal possible amid the frozen world.

However, the shadow shall soon fall upon the lands of Japan...the Covenant's full force will come to bear upon the grand nation.

...and the only hope of survival, are the Sailor Senshi and their Guardian Knight counterparts, destined to finally awaken after their long slumber.

Many questions remain to be answered...will fate reveal their answers to you?

* Celestial Destiny is an alternative Sailor Moon role play, with mature themes and a unique story line. We have an active and friendly staff, with equally friendly members. Role Players from all skill levels are welcome! We do not own Sailor Moon and respectively give credit to its creator.

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