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Character Rules

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Character Rules

Post by Runa Nalid on Sat Aug 10, 2013 7:35 pm

All rules are subject to change
These are the rules we have in place for characters, the restrictions and all sorts of good stuff.

  • We will not be accepting and Sailor Earth's. The two reasons for this is that it is one of the most common OCs that people try to make. Almost everyone in their youth has made a Sailor Earth. This is of course, problematic because the one that hold's Earth's crystal is Mamoru Chiba.

  • If you plan on making a Sailor Sun, please understand that it may not be accepted. It is another one that we often see in fandom and is requested up there right next to Sailor Earth. You have to blow us away with it.

  • Please do not copy anyone else's work. Or any other anime, manga, video game, etc. We want these characters to be your own. There is a difference between being inspired by something, and outright taking the character and just changing it's name. On the flips side, Canon, please try to stay true to character, whether it be manga, anime, or a little mix of both. For example, Ami would not waste her day at the arcade, when there is work and studying to be done.

  • We the staff will review each character individually, before you can start role playing ¬†your character has to be accepted, by a staff member.

  • Characters can not be related to canon, in less other wise stated. We might use this later on and have plans for the future.

  • Characters can be of most any species, except vampires. Go ahead and boo and hiss. If you wonder why, go and ask our Admin Maestro. In addition to that, be reasonable with whatever species you make. Nearly everyone is technically an alien in this series after all.

  • Weapons, we do not allow over powered weapons, such as guns UNLESS you state they are only in henshin form and the only shoot glitter, energy, and sparkles. This is a Shoujo MAGICAL Girl series first and foremost after all.

  • No duplicate character names, for transformed state.

  • One ability/element we will not allow, is psychic, mind control, etc.

  • Also no multiple personality characters.

  • Your character does NOT know everything you, yourself does. Your character cannot know who all the magic users are etc. Your character also does not know everything, this falls under the term godmodder and we all know, no one likes those types.

  • Also something else people do not like are Gary Stu's, Mary Sues, and the opposites of them, no one is perfect and no one likes to play with them, so try to keep your characters balanced, of course we will help in any way possible. We all have a fairly open and wide imagination tagged with creativity, if you are stuck or unsure of anything please ask we all like to help, but we will not make the entire card for you!

  • Regarding romance~ well, this is a shoujo series after all, so we're all for some romance! Who doesn't love the lovely moments between Haruka and Michiru, or the bickering between Mamoru and Usagi (or Seiya and Usagi if you ship them). However, this is a PG site, so we would like to avoid any posts or threads that have involve any explicit sexual scenes. A kiss on the lips is fine, a full on blow job is a big no-no and it will be immediately deleted and you will be banned. (Maestro: I can read my own smut on my own time).

  • In addition to the above, we will not be allowing any romantic where there is a large age gap between the characters (or if there is a very obviously lolicon element to it). If you need to ask why... this rp probably isn't for you and you should look elsewhere. For characters who are between 13-18, we will a allow a 3-year gap. For those under 12, 2 year. For those 18 and over, go nuts. If you really feel the need to have to question this, then feel free to go and complain to Maestro.

  • Do not force someone else's character to fall in love with your character. Like real life, no one likes to be pressure into something they have no interest in. This will be considered harassment and you will be given a warning if you are persistent.

  • We will not allow any former villains in the series, they are gone, they are gone. Except for Chaos who is you know the regular ever occurring villain.

  • No cross overs, we will allow anime play by's but that does not mean you are allowed to use the character's personality, traits, attacks or anything about the character except for the looks.

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